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Sandglass (모래시계)

Starring and

Sandglass became an instant classic and cultural phenomenon when it aired in 1995. Often considered the first modern Korean drama, it charts a politically tumultuous period in Korean history from the late 1960s through the 1980s. Sandglass tells the tale of Tae Soo and Woo Suk, best friends despite their wildly different paths in life. After Tae Soo's father's past is revealed, he is rejected from military school and ends up fiercely loyal to the mob, while Woo Suk follows the righteous path and commits his life to social justice. Despite many odds, the two keep their friendship intact, until Woo Suk falls in love with Hye Rin, who falls for Tae Soo instead. While the trio struggles with their complicated situation, all three are affected by political upheaval, as rebellion shakes their world. Delving into a divisive and taboo period in Korean history, Sandglass gives voice to many Koreans who had suffered through the events of the 80s and early 90s, and opened the door for other projects to address these issues, such as "The Petal" and "Peppermint Candy." Romantic, historically relevant, and sophisticated, Sandglass is a masterful work of storytelling that sets the standard today's dramas still aspire to reach.

About This Series

Type drama
Genre Melodrama , Historical , Romance
Network SBS
Total Episodes 24

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