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High Kick Through The Roof Episode 2
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High Kick Through The Roof

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High Kick Through The Roof (지붕 뚫고 하이킥)

Starring and

The second installment in a beloved series, High Kick Through the Roof is the follow-up to sensationally popular 2007 sitcom Unstoppable High Kick. The first Korean sitcom to be bought for overseas broadcast even before airing, it brings the same witty charm and family shenanigans Monday-to-Friday that drew millions of viewers to its predecessor. Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae returns as the family patriarch and irascible grandfather, while up-and-comers Seo Shin-ae (the adorable kid in Thank You), Daniel Choi (The World They Live In) and Shin Se Kyung (Queen Seon-duk) round out the cast. Perhaps most notably, High Kick Through the Roof lives up to the reputation of the High Kick series as a launching pad for future superstars: Yoon Shi Yoon, lead of the wildly popular Baker King Kim Tak Goo, makes his acting debut here.

After her debt-ridden father runs away, Shin Se Kyung (known in the drama by her real name) takes her younger sister Shin Shin Ae (Seo Shin Ae) and flees to Seoul just ahead of the debt-collectors. They both become maids in the household of Lee Sun Jae, the president of a major company. Having been raised in a remote mountain area, they both have to do some rapid adjustment to the city and their new positions. As they discover a new world, they meet and interact with the household's many members: President Lee's daughter Lee Hyung Kyung (Oh Hyung Kyung), son-in-law Jung Bo Suk, doctor son Lee Ji Hun (Daniel Choi), grand-daughter Jung Hae Ri (Jin Ji Hee), and last but not least, grandson Jung Jun Hyuk (Yoon Shi Yoon). Pop singer AJ, ex-pop singer Hwang Jung Eum, and Julien Kang also play important roles in this endearing series.

About This Series

Subtitles English
Type drama
Genre Sitcom , Comedy , Daily Dramas , Romantic Comedy
Network MBC
Total Episodes 126

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