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Invincible Shan Bao Mei

Romantic Comedy

A narcissist meets his match in the spunky Hu Shan Bao, the only girl who can pierce through his superiority complex and make him realize that no one is invincible.

Episode 1

Episodes (19)

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Invincible Shan Bao Mei (無敵珊寶妹)

Starring and
Sun Wu Di (Nicholas Teo) is the self-proclaimed embodiment of perfection and superiority. Can you tell he’s a narcissist? On top of that, his girlfriend is the beautiful and intelligent Zu An (Hong Xiao Ling)—it's really not fair! What people don’t know is that his despicable persona is an act of self-preservation: as a child, Wu Di and his father were kidnapped, which left him emotionally scarred. However, his trust issues ended up developing into an awful outlook on life and people. His arrogance also brings about the ire of Zhang Wei Qing (Roy Chiu), a sexy chef with a vendetta against Wu Di, whom he believes caused his wife's death. Just when you think there’s no hope for Wu Di, the spunky Hu Shan Bao (Amber Kuo) comes along and pierces right through his shield of invincibility. Can Shan Bao convince Wu Di that his childhood trauma is no excuse for his foul personality?

About This Series

Subtitles English
Type drama
Genre Romantic Comedy , Chinese , Comedy , Melodrama , Taiwanese
Network TTV
Total Episodes 19

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