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Thorn Birds Episode 2
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Episodes (20)

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Thorn Birds (가시나무새)

Starring and

An all-star cast lights up this drama about two strong women who clash and overcome incredible obstacles in their pursuit of happiness. This 20-episode drama adapts the old-school melodrama genre for a modern audience, in a bittersweet story of love and sorrow. Han Hye Jin (Jejoongwon), Joo Sang Wook (Giant), Kim Min Jung (New Heart) and Seo Do Young (Spring Waltz) star.

Seo Jung Eun (Han Hye Jin) grew up an orphan and has struggled her whole life to survive. Now, she’s determined to make something of herself, hoping that if she becomes a famous star, she will be able to find her mother. Her old friend Han Yoo Kyung (Kim Min Jung) is equally determined to succeed, but unlike Jung Eun, she is ruthless and ambitious, and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Jung Eun pursuing acting, while Yoo Kyung becomes a film producer, and the two become rivals as they live their lives in opposite ways. Jung Eun is drawn to Young Jo (Joo Sang Wook), the heir of a conglomerate, who also grew up without a mother. Yoo Kyung sets out to seduce him, however, and as both women search for their birth mothers, they will wind up switching lives...

About This Series

Subtitles English
Type drama
Genre Melodrama
Network KBS
Total Episodes 20

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