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Office Girls Episode 2
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Office Girls

Episodes (25)

Watched Description
Day 1: I've Earned One Million Dollars!
Day 2: Take One Step at a Time!
Day 3: Beware of jealousy around you!
Day 4: God! Where are you?
Day 5: I Promise I'll Eat Broccoli!
Day 6: I'll Lend You My Shoulder!
Day 7: I like Qin Zi Qi!
Day 8: Get on your knees and apologize
Day 09: I like Shen Xing Ren!
Day 10: A world full of love, hatred, and lust
Day 11: If you're mine, then whose am I?
Day 12: Don't let true love turn into regret
Day 13: How Do I Add Happiness to Love
Day 14: Shen Xing Ren, Congratulations for Winning the First Prize
Day 15: Male Spa...Female Spa
Day 16: Is It OK to tell a White Lie?
Day 17: Serious and Ambitious Men are the Cutest
Day 18: Silly or Naive
Day 19: Don't Ever Lie to Me Again!
Day 20: I'll Figure Out the Money Myself
Day 21: Objection Overruled
Day 22: He is the Future Boss of the Company!
Day 23: All I Want is Shen Xing Ren
Day 24: It Takes Luck for Two People to Meet and Love Each Other
Day 25: I Do
25 Available > Episodes
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Office Girls (小資女孩向前衝)

Starring and

This Taiwanese hit drama follows a group of 'office girls' - young women who are completely happy with being a low-level office lady. Shen Xing Ren (Alice Ke) has been a low-level salesperson at the Jing Shi Department Store for nearly 4 years. Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu), 28, is the son of a wealthy family that owns Jing Shi. Zi Qi believes that his father will automatically make him the heir to the company, but is in for a shock when his father tells him to first pass a test by working as a low-level staff for one year. If he breaks any rules, he'll be kicked out.

Xing Ren is put in charge of Zi Qi's training, but he disagrees with her work ethic, making it doubly harder to work together. When a new manager, Yu Cheng Feng (James Wen), arrives, his handsome looks and responsible leadership style quickly make him popular among the staff, and the ladies. Zi Qi grows jealous at the attention Cheng Feng is getting, but the business rivalry gets personal when Cheng Feng starts pursuing Xing Ren romantically...

About This Series

Subtitles English , Spanish
Type drama
Genre Romantic Comedy , Chinese , Taiwanese
Network SETTV
Total Episodes 25
Alternate Titles Chicas de Oficina

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