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Red Eagle - Season 5

Action / Thriller

In season five, Gonzalo finds himself embroiled in scandal, love triangles, and the Holy Inquisition when he and Satur come upon objects of great worth and the infamous pirate Richard Blake reappears.

Episode 1
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Episodes (18)

Watched Description
Red Eagle and Satur face a new mystery
The King tries to avoid international conflict
A famous bullfighter visits the Marquess‎' palace
Satur sees the Virgin Mary
Murdered newborns appear
Red Eagle and Satur are trapped
Gonzalo worries about his son
Juan is taken to military prison
Sagrario and Jacobo hide Nuño's kidnapping
Gonzalo and Margarita attend a wedding
Red Eagle's identity is revealed
Gonzalo feels attracted to Eva
Gladiators fight to honor the King
Captain Patrick falls in love with Margarita
Margarita remains kidnapped by Captain Patrick
Jacobo falls in love with Ana
Gonzalo flees the village
The arrival of the Marquise
18 Available > Episodes
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Red Eagle - Season 5 (Aguila Roja)

Starring and

Action, adventure, and intrigue collide in this impressive drama of a masked hero who fights against injustice in 17th century Spain, and is determined to find out who killed his wife. By day, Gonzalo de Montalvo is a teacher and a father. By night, he is Aguila Roja, or 'The Red Eagle', who fights against the corrupt local sheriff, Hernán Mejías, and Lucrecia, the Marchioness de Santillana. No one knows of his true identity, except for his faithful servant Satur and a mysterious monk. With his ninja-like skills, Gonzalo will stop at nothing to avenge his wife's death, and stop the conspiracies against the Spanish crown.

In season five, the Holy Inquisition is at full force. Gonzalo finds himself in the center of scandals and love triangles as he and Satur discover treasures of great worth and attract unwanted attention from other powerful figures who covet it. Lucrecia finds herself embroiled in gossip as she makes enemies with the Queen of Spain, and the famed pirate Richard Blake returns.

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