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Pororo - in English


A little penguin named Pororo lives on an ice island with his friends Poby the polar bear, Eddy the fox, Loopy the beaver, and Crong the green dinosaur!

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Episode 1

Episodes (104)

Watched Description
We're Friends!
It's all Right!
Ice Fishing
Smile, Smile, Smile!
What Happened to My Face?
Achoo, I Got a Cold!
Who Touched My Snowman?
Dream of Flying
Treasure Hunting
Crong the Troublemaker
Let's Play Together!
Can't I Have the Moon?
A Magic Flute
Snow Canvas
Eddy's Secret
Wanna Have a Round?
Crong's Christmas
Loopy You Can Do It?
Eddy and Telescope
A Zigsaw Puzzle
Save Loopy!
Train Adventure
Be Careful!
Pororo and Dandelion
Hiccup Cure
Pororo Meets with a Whale
Magnetic Play
Dancing Together
Stomach Ache!
Eddy the Great Inventor
To Tell the Truth...
Eddy Goes to the Moon
Bonbon Box
A Strange Car
Cooking Popcorn
I Want to Sleep
Pororo's Surprise Party!
Mystical Ghost Light
A Surprise Box
I am Superpenguin
Sleepless Poby
Crong, I am Sorry
Loopy Has a New Friend
Lost in Forest
Loopy the Fortunteller
Eddy's Balloon
A Day of Pororo's Town
A Magic Lamp
Little Cooks
Loopy's Gift
A Magic Can
Hello Friends
Petty's House
Learning How to Swim
Poby the Photographer
It's a Dinosaur
Sailing in the Forest
My Name is Harry
I Love Singing
Crong the Great Painter
A Pretty Hair Pin
I Can Fly
I Envy You
The Biggest Snowman
Petty, You Are So Cool!
Pororo Shrunk
Shark Attack!
Chrong's First Word
Shhh, It is a Secret
Who Did This!
The Genius Cook
Thanks, Harry!
I Am Not a Bed-Wetter!
I'm Super Crong
Snow White, Loopy
Eddy on the Moon
Crong Meets with a Seal
My Toys Fellas
Loopy and Petty
Scary Cookies
Finding Toy
Petty's Secret Friend
Don't Do That!
No More Troubles!
You Are Not Alone
Beautiful Color Land
Petty Likes Me the Most
Harry and Crong Disappeared?
Loopy the Magician
Friends From Outer Space
Snow Ball Ghost
The Dragon Comes to Town
Good Crong, Bad Crong
Pig Pororo
A Snowy Day
Is Pororo Sick?
Do You Need Any Help?
Piece of Cake
Robot Cook
What's This Smell?
Return of Robot Cook
Virus is Following Me
Watch Out Pororo!
104 Available > Episodes
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Pororo - in English (뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로)

In this international smash hit, a mischievous penguin named Pororo lives on an isolated ice island with his unlikely friends, including Poby the polar bear, Eddy the fox, Loopy the beaver, and Crong the green dinosaur. No one knows how they ended up on the island, much less in a warm little village, but they’ve got to stick together and make the best of it!

In English language. No subtitles.

About This Series

Type drama
Genre Children's , Animation / Cartoon , Educational
Network Iconix
Total Episodes 104

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