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The Lover


A group of couples with varying personalities share an apartment complex and chaos ensues.

The Lover (더 러버)

Alternate titles: 情侣 Starring and

Oh Jung Se (A Millionaire on the Run, Tazza) and Ryu Hyun Kyung (Oh My Ghostess) lead an ensemble cast about a group of couples who share an apartment complex and make it really difficult to follow the old saying, "love your neighbor". Oh Do Si (Oh Jung Se) and Ryu Doo Ri (Ryu Hyun Kyung), residents of apartment 609, have been together for two years. They aren’t madly in love, but are at least comfortable with the way life is. Oh Do Si is a voice actor who struggles to succeed and Ryu Doo Ri is a trainee blogger whose parents really want her to get married soon. Their next door neighbors, in apartment 610, are Choi Jin Nyeo (Beloved and Emergency Couple actress Choi Yeo Jin) and Jung Young Joon (Love Forecast and Monstar actor Jung Joon Young). Choi Jin Nyeo is a gorgeous woman who perfectly embodies the penny-pinching ahjumma and lives with her much younger boyfriend, the equally gorgeous and thoroughly untalented musician wannabe Jung Young Joon, who frequently upsets his girlfriend but is ultimately a good guy. A floor below, in apartment 510, are Ha Sul Eun (Age of Youth alum Ha Eun Sul) and Park Hwan Jong (Uncontrollably Fond actor Park Jong Hwan). A starry-eyed couple in their twenties, Ha Sul Eun and Park Hwan Jong just moved in together and actually plan on marrying once their apartment is ready for long-term residence. Ha Sul Eun does not, under any circumstances, want her boyfriend to find out she isn’t the perfectly feminine woman she makes herself out to be, and has to work all day to keep up that illusion. And finally, two floors above in apartment 709, are Lee Joon Jae (Dating Agency: Cyrano alum Lee Jae Joon) and Takuya (Cross Gene member Terada Takuya). Lee Joon Jae is a loner. He hates even talking to people and avoids human contact at all costs. When his finances force him to seek out a roommate, he decides to make sure he can get someone who can’t talk to him. Therefore, he accepts the cohabitation services of Takuya, a world-traveling tourist from Japan who wants to help Lee Joon Jae reconnect with life and rediscover his youth. Together, these four varied couples face all the challenges that come their way, courtesy of their living arrangements. But with such differing personalities and circumstances in one building, can a simple apartment complex bear the burden of the immense chaos that results from neighborly love, lovely coupling and not-so-neighborly (or lovely) cohabitation?

The Lover is directed by Kim Tae Eun and written by Kim Min Suk. It debuted on April 2, 2015 on Mnet, where it aired every Thursday in the 11:00PM time slot. The series ran for 12 episodes, with the finale airing on June 25, 2015.

The extended cast for The Lover includes Oh Jung Se as Oh Do Si, Ryu Hyun Kyung as Ryu Doo Ri, Choi Yeo Jin as Choi Jin Nyeo, Jung Joon Young as Jung Young Joon, Ha Eun Sul as Ha Sul Eun, Park Jong Hwan as Park Hwan Jong, Lee Jae Joon as Lee Joon Jae, Terada Takuya as Takuya, Sung Kyu Chan as Sung Min Jae, Kang Gyoon Sung as Ryu Sung Gyoon, Kim Bu Seon as older woman, and Kim Pung as businessman, with supporting roles by Woo Hee, Kim Hyun Woo, Kim Jae Heung and Na Hae Ryung.

drama - 12 Total episodes | MNET | 2015

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