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Gilded Chopsticks


When a poor young chef is hired by the imperial palace, he finds himself caught between two royal heirs and their battle for the throne.

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Gilded Chopsticks

Gilded Chopsticks (食為奴)

Alternate titles: 食为奴 Starring and

Cho Lam Wong (Heart of Greed), Ben Wong (The Hippocratic Crush), and Joey Meng (A Change of Heart) star in a royal comedy that proves getting out of the frying pan sometimes means you go straight into the fire. Tin Po (Cho Lam Wong) was once part of a prestigious family, but when their assets were seized, the talented chef had to resort to selling fish buns for a living. It is during this time that he meets street performer Mo Suet (Joey Meng), kind foodie Yuek Bik (Triumph in the Skies actress Nancy Wu) and noodle shop owner and occasional rival Siu Yu (The Hippocratic Crush II alum Stephanie Ho). One day, Tin Po’s fish buns find their way into the Imperial Palace, where he is immediately invited to become a full-time chef by Fourth Prince Yin Zhen (Ben Wong). Trying to gain favor with his emperor father, the Kangxi Emperor (Storm in a Cocoon actor Elliot Ngok), Yin Zhen believes Tin Po will be his trump card in the battle for the throne. When coming to the palace, Tin Po also brings his entourage of friend and servant Lei Wai (A Change of Heart actor Jack Wu) and Siu Yu. However, he gets a less-than ideal reception from Hok Ting Choi (Bob Lam), his old rival who now works as Head Imperial Chef at the palace and was directly responsible for Tin Po’s restaurant shutting down. Before Tin Po can even manage to properly acclimatize with his nemesis’ treachery, he finds himself caught in the battle for the throne between Fourth Prince Yin Zhen and Eighth Prince Yin Si (Cantopop singer Louis Cheung), who has far stronger support than his brother and is not relying on a chef who cooks the emperor’s new favorite dish. Throw in an accidental marriage, and Tin Po’s dream job suddenly becomes a recipe for disaster. Can Tin Po use his wits and salty fish buns to cook up success for his royal ally, or will the throne room prove so hot that our young chef has to leave the kitchen?

Originally known as “Food for the Slaves,” Gilded Chopsticks is inspired by The Deer and the Cauldron, a wuxia novel by internationally-acclaimed author Jin Yong. A 60-second sales production trailer for the series was first unveiled in November 2012 on TVB, starring a considerably different cast, including Raymond Lam (Heart of Greed) and Ron Ng (Triumph of the Skies). Scheduling conflicts meant several cast members left the series, at which point Cho Lam Wong, Joey Meng and several others who had previously worked together joined the production. A special costume fitting press conference was held on 26 January 2013, with filming beginning at Hong Kong’s TVB Studios in early March 2013. Gilded Chopsticks debuted on TVB on February 10, 2014, airing Monday through Friday in the 9:30PM time slot. The series ran for 25 episodes, with the finale airing on March 14, 2014.

The extended cast for Gilded Chopstick includes Cho Lam Wong as Tin Po Ko, Ben Wong as Fourth Prince Yin Zhen/Prince Yong, Joey Meng as Mo Suet Kei, Nancy Wu as Yuen Bik Nin, Stephanie Ho as Siu Yu Mai, Louis Cheung as Eighth Prince Yin Si/Yunsi/Prince Lian, Elliot Ngok as the Kangxi Emperor, Rosanne Lui as Consort Tak, Power Chan as Crown Prince Yin Reng, Derek Wong as Ninth Imperial Prince Yin Tang, Matthew Ko as Tenth Imperial Prince Yin'e, Owen Cheung as 14th Prince Yin Ti, Ricky Wong as Ngak To Sok, Jack Wu as Lei Wai, Bob Lam as Choi Hok Ting Choi, Vincent Cheung as Tsang Shing, Chun Wong as The Great Chef, Eddie Ho as Fuk Chi Siu, Jacky Cheng as Luk Chi Siu, Dickson Lee as Fung Ying, Jimmy Au as Kang Yiu Nin, Yu Tze Ming as Tak Chuen Lee, Yu Yang as Ting Yuk Cheung, Ram Chiang as Si To Wu, Helen Ng as Chau Kuk Kei, May Chan as Siu To, King Kong as Kazari Matsugorō, and KK Cheung as Tak Choi Chin.

drama - 25 Total episodes | TVB | 2014

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