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Drama Showcase


From cyborg husbands to teen woes, there's something for everyone in this compilation of ten television specials aired on KBS.

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Drama Showcase

Starring and

Drama Showcase is a collection of ten television specials that aired on KBS during 2016. Each boasts a unique story from cyborg husbands to teen woes, with all star casts including Jung So Min, Lee Ji Hoon, and more.

Episode 1
Red Teacher -- Tae Nam (Answer Me 1988 actor Lee Dong Hwi) is a grumpy instructor at an all-girls high school who comes across a banned erotic novel that somehow spreads throughout the school. And before he can say, “boy, is my face red and job in danger,” student Soon Duk (Can We Get Married actress Jung So Min) decides to write a sequel. As a high school teacher, where do you even begin to address this problem?

Episode 2
Legendary Shuttle -- Kang Chan (Lee Ji Hoon from Mirror of the Witch) is a legendarily tough fighter who transfers to Myungsung High, only to have his reputation precede him and former fellow classmate Seo Jae Woo (Page Turner alum Kim Jin Woo) follow him to the new school. Now, it’s a matter of bully versus the bullied, but you might be surprised who is actually the one in pain.

Episode 3
Midsummer's Dream -- Single father Man Sik (My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week actor Kim Hee Won) is raising his daughter Ye Na (Kim Bo Min) to the best of his ability, but he wants her to feel like she has a complete family. To achieve that, he tries to pay a woman to be her “birth certificate mother,” and while she declines the offer, reckless beauty Mi Hee (Kim Ga Eun) steps in to take the role she is utterly wrong for. But, sometimes, the one who seems most wrong is the one who is most right.

Episode 4
Home Sweet Home -- Genius scientist Se Jung (The Woman Who Married Three Times actress Son Yeo Eun) reprograms her awful husband Sung Min (Lee Sang Yeob from My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week) to become the perfect cyborg hubby by erasing his memories and giving him a new personality, but there are some people from his past who simply aren’t willing to let him move on.

Episode 5
Twenty Thousand Won to Pyongyang -- Young Jung (Hwajung actor Han Joo Wan) gave up being a Catholic priest and now drives drunken people for a living. When a customer asks him to drive to North Korea, however, things get strange. That same night, he meets actual priest Joon Young (Cinderella and Four Knights actor Kim Young Jae) and mysterious woman So Won (Shopping King Louis actress Mi Ram), and a crisis of faith begins.

Episode 6
World Without Sympathy -- Joon Ho (Let’s Eat 2 actor Lee Joo Seung) is a third year high school student trying to impress his girlfriend Seo Young (Let’s Fight Ghost actress Kang Min Ah) enough to bed her, but as time passes, the young man realizes it just isn’t happening. And, in a world without compassion, there is no one taking any sympathy on him and his hormones.

Episode 7
Noodle Shop Woman -- Jin Woo (Golden Cross actor Park Byung Eun) gave up his dream to be a novelist and now lives an ordinary life. One day, after learning that a valued classmate passed away, he visits the city where they lived and meets noodle shop worker Mi Jin (The Joseon Gunman actress Jeon Hye Bin). In a strange moment of brain fade, he manages to hide that he is married and slowly starts building a novel (and relationship) with the noodle shop girl.

Episode 8
Disqualified Laughter -- Weather forecast analyzer Lee Ji Ro (Mirror of the Witch actor Jo Dal Hwan) has a crush on weather forecaster Shin Na Ra (Age of Youth actress and former T-ara member Ryu Hwa Young), but she finds him utterly boring. So, in order to impress her, the king of dry weather decides to go for some sun and learn how to make others laugh.

Episode 9
Dance From Afar -- Theater director Shin Pa Rang (Koo Gyo Hwan from A Werewolf Boy) commits suicide. Playwright Choi Hyun (Lee Sang Hee) doesn’t know why. The director’s father asks her if she can arrange her former director’s house, and she has to direct the play they were working on together, even though they disagreed on the ending. As she looks through his things and works on the play he was working on, Choi Hyun remembers all her time with Shin Pa Rang.

Episode 10
Pinocchio’s Nose -- Psychology student Da Jung (Another Oh Hae Young actress Lee Yu Ri) has avoided her father (East of Eden actor Park Chan Hwan) for 15 years. She fears he might have killed her mother (The Joseon Gunman actress Kim Ye Ryeong), who went missing years ago. The father was arrested but released on lack of evidence. But when her mother’s car and a skeleton are found, Da Jung once again finds her father in police custody and herself face to face with the mystery of her mother’s death.

All the specials in the Drama Showcase aired on KBS2 between September and November 2016. The specials, mostly directed by and starring frequent KBS affiliates, aired every Sunday at 11:40PM.

drama - 10 Total episodes | KBS | 2016

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