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He spent his life living under his adoptive father’s control. The only way he’ll get his freedom is if he fights for it. Total Episodes: 30

All episodes now available! Total Episodes: 30
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Overachievers (名門暗戰)

Starring and

Yuen Chiang (Wayne Lai, The Confidant, No Regrets) has spent his life under the control of his adoptive father and Hong Kong’s richest man, Sing Tin Chiang (Elliot Ngok, Storm in a Cocoon). After seeing his ambitions crushed several times, It soon becomes clear to Yuen Chiang that his adoptive father is not going to let him succeed over his biological sons, the considerably less capable SIng Chiang (Raymond Cho, The Hippocratic Crush) and Tsun Chiang (Jason Chan, Black Heart White Soul).

Yuen Chiang cannot bear his father’s contempt any longer. He leaves behind the family business, starts his own company and pledges to defeat the man that has held him back all these years.

Hiu Yeung Chung (Raymond Wong, The Confidant, No Regrets) is an entrepreneur. As Yuen Chiang’s friend and business partner, Hiu Yeung provides their new company the ruthless edge that Yuen Chiang lacks. In spite of his cold-blooded nature, Hiu Yeung genuinely cares for his closest friends and fellow business partners Yuen Chiang and Siu Tien Yuen (Edwin Siu, Beyond the Realm of Conscience). Hiu Yeung Chung is also deeply in love with Yuen Chiang’s assistant, the kind and gorgeous Man Chi Ting (Nancy Wu, Gilded Chopsticks).

Hiu Yeung Chung has some emotional problems and therefore can’t let anyone get too close emotionally. As a result, Man Chi Ting ends their relationship. Thinking this is because of Yuen Chiang, Hiu Yeung Chung gets pushed over the edge and breaks ties with his friend.

Yuen Chiang knows that walking out on his father means going to war. Now he also has a raging former friend to deal with. The two women he cares about, his first love Fa Lai (Maggie Shiu, Storm in a Cocoon) and his selfless mother Chau Ping Lee (Susanna Kwon, Can’t Buy Me Love), soon start getting caught in the crosshairs.

As he struggles to keep his both his business and his relationships with his loved ones intact, Yuen Chiang soon realizes that there is no day of peace in the life of an overachiever.

Also known as “Over Achievers,” Overachievers is produced by Marco Law (The Confidant). The series reunites frequent collaborators Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Maggie Shiu and Nancy Wu, all of whom previously worked together on The Confidant. The original broadcast period for Overachievers is from November 3, 2014 to December 12, 2014, airing weekdays from 9:30PM to 10:30PM on TVB.

drama - 30 Total episodes | TVB | 2014

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