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Live Up To Your Name

Lo sentimos mucho, este video no está disponible en tu país.

Joseon's greatest doctor leaps forward in time and falls for a surgeon. He has a big name, and now he really has to prove he deserves it.

Due to last-minute licensing issues, we are not able to make this series available. Still interested in a fun time travel medical drama? Check out Faith or Time Slip Dr. Jin!
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Live Up To Your Name (명불허전)

Otros títulos: Live Up To Your Name Protagonizada por y

Kim Nam Gil (Shark/, Bad Guy) and Kim Ah Joong (Wanted, Punch) star in a time-traveling medical drama that proves opposites do attract, even on the operating table. When a medical genius from the Joseon era leaps forward across time and ends up in the present day, his greatest challenge is to prove his worth to a stubborn doctor who has stolen his heart.

Heo Im (Kim Nam Gil) is a doctor in the Joseon Dynasty. Intelligent yet emotional, he is considered by many to be the best acupuncture and moxibustion expert in the world. Only one thing stands between Heo Im and the immortal glory that he believes he deserves: his low status. Born to a concubine, the doctor can never truly get the respect that is so common for others in his profession.

Until one day, when Heo Im travels through time. When he wakes, he finds himself in present day Seoul, and is naturally believed to be a lunatic when he climbs on top of a historical monument and attempts to “fly” back to Joseon. For a man who has leapfrogged 400 years into the future, the last thing Heo Im expects is to meet his soulmate.

Choi Yeon Kyung (Kim Ah Joong) is a third-year cardiac surgery resident. Practical and cold, Choi Yeon Kyung believes only in modern medicine. She considers all “alternative” treatments, such as acupuncture, to be absolute garbage. Behind her cold demeanor, Choi Yeon Kyung has emotional scars and secrets from her past. While she seemingly manages to balance work and fun, Choi Yeon Kyung’s life is remarkably free of any commitments of the heart.

The story of a madman who claims to be a citizen of Joseon simply makes her chuckle. But when that same doctor reappears in front of her and falls in love with her, she can’t help but take notice. Their differing ideologies in medicine clash, as do their personalities.

Now it is a battle for Heo Im to prove his worth, and show the modern doctor that he is indeed deserving of his name.

Also known as “Deserving of the Name Name” and “Dr. Heo,” Live Up To Your Name is directed by Hong Jong Chan (Dear My Friends, My Secret Hotel) and written by Kim Eun Hee. The series is a highly-fictionalized retelling of the story of Heo Im, reportedly the less famous partner of famed Joseon medicine man Heo Jun.

drama - 16 Capítulos en Total | tvN | 2017

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