Web dramas were the hottest new trend of 2015. Of course, the leading actors in each project had to be even hotter! Viewers were so pleasantly surprised with the overflow of drama goodies that it was hard to only watch just one. The following heartthrobs are just some of the leading men who seemed to completely capture viewers' attention and hearts.

1. So Ji Sub

The Oh My Venus star became the shy yet caring love interest for Kim Ji Won's character in One Sunny Day. His entire sweet series was like a warm hug earlier this year.

2. T.O.P

Fans of BIGBANG (aka V.I.Ps) were probably overjoyed to see their beloved idol in the international web drama Secret Message. Japan and South Korea were center stage in the short series about discovering true love. I wonder which country loved his character Woo Hyun the most?

3. Jr.

He may have been the villain in Dream Knight, but his heartbreaking first love story made the audience see him in a different light. The Got 7 singer portrayed a character that once had a heart of gold before his pain took over.

4. JB

Fans around the world were probably wishing they could trade places with In Hyeong in the beginning of Dream Knight. Not only did she have Got 7 members protecting her, but JB fell for her too! 

5. D.O.

He was the shy and sweet idol-next-door in the romantic comedy EXO Next Door. I assume viewers were rooting for him to win Yeon Hee's heart until the very end. The EXO member was her celeb crush after all!

6. Ji Eun Sung

Never Die had a shocking start, but it turned out to be a drama with a powerful message. Ji's portrayal of the innocent and in love Lee Jung Hoon was perfect. True love should triumph. 

7. Jin JIn

I laughed and almost cried during Jin Jin's portrayal of a time traveling idol in To Be Continued. The ASTRO singer was so convincing you felt sorry for him in a few episodes. Time traveling is rough!

8. Jung Jin Young

The B1A4 member was perfect as the cute sidekick to Sherlock in Love Detective Sherlock K. Who else wanted Geum Kang San to chauffeur them around and playfully flirt with them?

9. Sung Hoon

Before his role on the current series Oh My Venus, Sung played a rich guy who was clueless about love in Noble, My Love. Viewers probably had a love-hate relationship with his character throughout the series, but you had to adore Lee Kang Hoon in the end. 

These are some of most convincing web drama actors of 2015! Who would make it on your list? 

Watch So Ji sub in the warmhearted series One Sunny Day:

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