Fashion is always evolving, yet it's always been said that style trends inevitably repeat themselves. With that in mind, check out this 3-minute video of the 100-year evolution of male swimwear. What's next?

If only we could learn about the 100-year history of any subject we were interested in just by watching a short video. We'd all know so much! Fortunately, for those of you whose interest lies in fashion, or even more, in men's swimwear, this video's made just for you. The folks over at created a short video that will take you on a journey through the 100-year evolution of male swimwear in the United States. From the one-piece tank suits of the 1910s that covered up male bodies except below the elbows and knees, all the way to the tight-fitting, sexy 1970s look and on ,to the relaxing board short styles of the 1990s and onward, this video bares it all. 

As an interesting side note, in 1907, an Australian female swimmer by the name of Anette Kellerman came to the States to put on an underwater ballet performance, only to end up getting arrested by the authorities for indecent exposure, having not covered her neck, arms, and legs. If only she could come back in time and visit an American beach today and witness for herself how tiny the bikinis are, she'd go back to her grave and start rolling, just like the awesome underwater ballerina that she was back in the day.


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