Music can be cathartic, especially for those who have had their heart broken. It might just be the release of the tears you've been holding in or maybe something that stops you from punching a hole in the wall. Pack up all those feelings you have towards your exes and put this playlist to good use. It might not stop the tears, but these songs will help. For every K-pop fan out there suffering from a broken heart, whether from a breakup, or from unrequited love, this list goes out to you. 

1. TVXQ "Keep Your Head Down"

This song is great for when you just want to say something really mean to the person you just broke up with

"You're really pretty, but that's all there is to you; there's nothing important inside of you"

It's also great for letting them know that your world didn't revolve around them as much as they might have believed it did. 

"You've always believed that I'd crumble without you

That's a misunderstanding, why would I do that? Why, why, I told you I wouldn't"

2. San E "Break Up Dinner"

This is an amazing music video! Definitely worth watching at least a dozen times. It's also a great song for when you've tried to do everything within your power to please the one you love, and it still isn't working out. 

"Thank you, I can let you go out of my life now

Good bye"

3. BEAST "Take Good Care of My Girlfriend"

For when you just can't get over them. You may be pretending that it's alright, but really you just can't get them out of your head, and you're secretly hoping they still love you too. 

"Oh can’t you see? I’m still lovin’ you

My heart still can’t seem to let you go

Say no! no! no! no! no! Say no! no! no! no! no!

Tell him no, tell him your heart is still waiting for me SAY NO!"

4. Ailee "Singing Got Better"

For the time when you finally realize that something good might have come out of breaking up with someone. Although it was incredibly difficult, you are finally starting to see the silver lining. 

"It’s all over now, after I losing you

I earned a bigger hope

It’s really really so fortunate, it’s really so fortunate

My singing got better after breaking up with you"

5. MBLAQ "It's War"

This song is perfect for when your ex is dating a new person and they aren't treated right. For every piece of anger inside of you that's directed to the new girlfriend/boyfriend for how they are treating your ex. 

"I will see the end of this, just watch

you messed with the wrong person

we were in love and I only had her

but why, why did you touch my girl — no way"

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6. 2NE1 – “Lonely”

For when you're feeling guilty that you broke up with your ex. This song can help you realize that even though it's horrible to break up with someone, sometimes it's the right thing to do. 

"Even though I’m by your side right now

Baby I’m so lonely"

7. Yesung – “It Has to Be You”

This song is for when you just need a big cry after a break up. Tears are cathartic, and this is sure to help you along that way. 

"My bruised heart

is screaming to me to find you

where are you?

can’t you hear my voice?"

8. 2PM “I Hate You”

This song is for those who have moved on from the sad crying and onto the angry crying! 

"I hate you to death (more and more)

I loathe myself (more and more)

One more time, just look at me one more time, now I’m crying"

9. 2AM – “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”

For when your thoughts turn to the other person — do they hurt as much as you do? When you just want someone else to feel the pain you do. 

"I wonder if you hurt like me

I wonder if you cry like me

I wonder if you live all day in memories like me"

10. Big Bang – “Haru Haru”

This is a good song for when you are finally ready to move on. 

"Don’t look back and leave

Don’t find me again and just live on

Because I have no regrets from loving you, so only take the good memories

I can bear it in some way

I can stand it in some way

You should be happy if you are like this

Day by day it fades away"

What songs do you find yourself listening to over and over again after a breakup?