Mother's Day is right around the corner, and what mother wouldn't love spending time with you and watching an awesome movie? And there are plenty of Korean movies here on DramaFever that would be perfect to watch with your mom, no matter what kinds of movies she likes!

Check out these 5 Korean movies you could watch with your mother this weekend. You can watch all these movies and more featured on the DramaFever Movies page with DramaFever Premium for as low as $0.99/month!

1. The Technicians

Is your mom a fan of heist movies like mine is? If so, she would love to watch this movie with you! It's funny, action packed, and super entertaining. I watched this movie with my mom a few weeks ago, and she is officially a Kim Woo Bin fan now.

2. Architecture 101

This is a great "first loves meet again" kind of movie that is very heartfelt and moving. The acting is great, and the story really pulls you in right away. And you and your mom will definitely have a lot to talk about after the movie ends!

3. The Huntresses

I really enjoyed this The Huntresses. It is a great historical comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously, and Ha Ji Won, as always, is amazing. This is definitely a fun movie that you and your mom could enjoy watching together and is a great way to de-stress after a big Mother's Day weekend!

4. A Perfect Match

If your mom likes lighthearted romantic comedies, A Perfect Match would be a perfect movie for her! It's a cute movie, and the acting is very good. You two could definitely enjoy an afternoon spent laughing at this movie together!

5. Secretly Greatly

If you and your mom wanted something a little more serious, Secretly Greatly is an amazing movie! This one definitely made me fall in love with Producer star Kim Soo Hyun, who plays the spy turned village idiot. This movie is the perfect mixture of humor and heartbreaking melodrama — definitely not a lighthearted pick! In case you were wondering, this is the movie my mom and I will be watching this weekend!

Which Korean movie do you think your mom would enjoy watching? Comment down below!

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