It’s Monday, which means a new episode of Temperature of Love is here! In this new feel-good TV show, actress Seo Hyun Jin and actor Yang Se Jong, who had fallen in love in Doctor Romantic, are lovelier together than ever before. Over the past two weeks, Temperature of Love has put a smile on our faces and hope this new K-drama would brighten up your day as well! 

1. Lee Hyun Soo is such a relatable character

“Hyun Soo is a very ordinary woman. She’s pretty apprehensive. Because she’s in her late twenties, she’s pretty cautious as well,” actress Seo Hyun Jin explains her character Lee Hyun Soo.

“I don’t like a character who’s too nice,” she continued. “You might not like some things about her because she doesn’t sound innocent. You might not admire her. You might complain about her a bit. But you would relate to her.”

2. Romance is in the air from the very beginning

Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) asks Lee Hyun Woo out on the first day they meet; Five hours after they meet to be exact. How is that possible? Start the series to find out!

3. The first kiss is to die for

“Move away, if you don’t like it,” Jung Sun warns seconds before kissing Hyun Soo. The kiss at the back of the passenger car palpitates a fan’s heart. (What if someone walks by?)

4. The supporting characters are so good

Well-rounded supporting characters are a vital point of a good show. On Temperature of Love episode 3, we learn that Hyun Yi (Gil Eun Hye) was annoyed by her sister Hyun Soo because she cares a lot about saving face. The following catfight is so hilarious! Other supporting characters worth noting are Jung Sun’s mother and Hyun Soo’s boss.

5. Noona romance is real

The noona romance, first popularized by Lee Seung Gi's 2004 hit, Because You're My Girl, is on fire on and off the screen! In Temperature of Love, a 23-year-old Jung Sun falls for Hyun Soo, who’s six years older. Off the screen, Seo Hyun Jin wishes Yang Se Jong would call her noona.

“Sae Jong is so polite that he’s been calling me sunbaenim the whole time. I hope I get to hear him call me noona by the time we finish filming,” Seo Hyun Jin expressed her wish to Yang Sae Jong. He replied, “I want to call you noona as well.”

Check out the Temperature of Love episodes 1 through 4 recap here and watch the episode 5 teaser below (unsubbed):

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