High school is often where teenagers form lasting friendships and discover budding romances, and it's also an awkward time when they are inexperienced at acknowledging and expressing their inner feelings. In With You, a girl has to deal with getting both a new school and a new mom. Then she finds that she is attracted to the handsome genius sitting next to her. For the viewers, here are some reasons to enjoy this appealing romantic drama.

1. A surprise hit!

When the web series started streaming in April 2016, its theme of high school life, friendship, and budding romance in a nostalgic tone resonated with the viewers, with many recalling the times when they lived a simpler life. The drama is based a popular novel, The Best of Us, written by Bayue Changan (pseudonym), a young author who had quit her job in financial investments to concentrate on her true passion in writing.

(Photo: Bayue Changan)

Watching With You also gives us the opportunity to meet fresh-faced, young rising actors. The drama's success has helped them gain recognition and advance their acting careers.

2. Tan Song Yu plays Geng Geng, our heroine. 

For her performance in With You, Tan Song Yu won several awards, including Best Actress in a Web Series, Actress with Strongest Potential, and Best New Actress. She is currently starring in a new historical drama.

3. Liu Hao Ran plays Yu Huai, the academic genius who helps Geng Geng improve her grades.

Liu Hao Ran has really risen fast, having just debuted in 2014 in the movie Beijing Love Stories. Maybe that's why he is also known as Turbo Liu?

He will next co-star in Nirvana in Fire 2, coming soon to DramaFever.

4. Wang Yue Xin plays Lu Xing He, a classmate who also likes Geng Geng.

How do you say "Second Male Lead Syndrome" in Chinese? Yes, there is a triangle! Many Chinese viewers were quite torn between the two male leads, and debated fiercely online. 

5. Wang Yue Xin originally rose to fame as a singer in a talent contest, when he was only 18. He sings two of the four theme songs for the drama. 

Here is an MV with Wang Yue Xin singing the song, "The Best of Us," with the lyrics written by the talented singer-actor.

The appealing high school romance will turn out to be life-changing for the young students involved. 

An extra reason to watch this school romance is that it's only 24 episodes. Chinese dramas are usually sprawling epics, although each episode is usually only about 40 minutes. So this 24-episode series sounds really easy to binge.

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With You - 最好的我们

Starring Liu Hao Ran and Tan Song Yun

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