Accomplished model and actor Kang Dong Won is finally gracing the screens of DramaFever again! This weekend his film M, also starring Lee Yeon Hee and Gong Hyo Jin, will be joining our ever-growing movie catalog, so let's find out more about him. Here are 6 fun facts about M's Kang Dong Won.

1. He was discovered by a modeling scout in the street. He has since been the modeling internationally for many famous brands, including Gucci and DKNY.

2. You're more likely to find him in a film than a drama (his last drama being in 2004) because he dreads the stress of the drama schedule. In an interview with High Cut magazine, he states, "When people talked about nightmares, they talked about dreaming that they had to do the college entrance exams again or having to go to the army again.To me, doing a drama again has the same kind of feeling. The stress was enormous. I don't think I can endure that."

3. He holds 11 awards for his acting from 6 of his films. Since he favors diverse characters, Dong Won is expected to continue his streak now that he's returned from mandatory military service.

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4. His drive and competitiveness made it hard for for him complete is mandatory two-year service. In that same interview with High Cut, he mentions, "The entertainment circle is similar to the sports industry in that competition is fierce," he said. "If you lose your footing for a bit, you will drop off the cliff. The thought that all of a sudden I'll be living two years without that competition was a little strange."

5. He is extremely smart. If his degree in mechanical engineering from Hanyang University wasn't enough proof, it has been said that his IQ score is 137!

6. Seriously. He's ridiculously smart. He also holds a master's degree in film from Sangmyung University.

Don't forget his film  M will be premiering on DramaFever this weekend! You can watch the trailer below:

What do you think of Kang Dong Won? Have you seen any of the dramas he was part of during his early acting years? Are you a fan of his films? Let me know all of you thoughts in the comments below or tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!