DramaFever has started showing Taiwanese comedy romance drama, Skip Beat, a live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Skip Beat!, and it is full of hilarious fun in telling the story of a young woman finding romance while on a quest for revenge. Here are some great reasons to start watching this fun drama.

1. Choi Si Won.

This one reason may be enough. Siwon plays Lian, the charming and helpful knight to our heroine. In real life, he actually took on the role of an enigmatic young man who is serious on the outside but passionate on the inside when the original Taiwanese actor stepped away. All the best for us Siwon fans.

(In this photo, he says to look at the staff, but I'm looking at his long eyelashes.)

2. Lee Dong Hae.

Siwon's Super Junior teammate, multi-talented Donghae, also stepped up to play a vain idol star who betrays his devoted friend, our heroine. Having the two Super Juniors play idol stars really brings twin rays of sunshine to this Taiwanese drama.

3. Theme songs sung by Donghae and Super Junior-M. (This one is a 2 for 1.)

The opening theme song, "S.O.L.O.," won Best Drama OST in Taiwan's HITO music awards for 2013.

Dong Hae also sings the ending theme, "That's Love," with Super Junior-M's Henry.

4. Zany, fun, and hilarious dialogues.

There are many moments of hilarious interactions that rise beyond a regular romance comedy. How about this scene when Donghae was confronted by our heroine under a big yellow disguise?

5. Romantic moments.

With both Siwon and Donghae in the same drama, we know we are in for some nice romantic moments. How about this scene when Siwon gently, sweetly, carefully bandaged our heroine's wounded foot?

What happens when romance develops between an obsessive compulsive mystery writer and his psychiatrist? Find out in It’s Okay, That’s Love

6. Dubbing by hot Taiwanese pop singers.

Since we are used to watching DramaFever shows with subtitles, it's not a big deal to us whether an actor is speaking with a native or correct accent. However, it was important for the actors to speak good Mandarin, so Skip Beat's production had Siwon and Donghae's voices dubbed. The interesting connection here is that Siwon is dubbed by Nylon Chen, a popular singer and rising young actor in Taiwan, who has a gentle voice and gave us the second lead syndrome in the romantic drama Deja Vu. Donghae was dubbed by Darren Chiu, also a singer who has since become a leading man in TV dramas.

Nylon Chen (photo - tantan123)

Darren Chiu (photo - mydramalist)

7. Romance for the young at heart.

The Skip Beat! manga is in the category of shojo manga, a genre written for teenagers and young women. In the manga, the original character Kyoko is a 16-year-old teenager. For the adaptation drama, Gong Xi is a 20-year old woman who is still naive and hasn't experienced true love, yet. The sweet romance comedy is actually quite endearing as it brings forth, or even reawakens, the feelings of a young heart that are still hidden within each of us with the yearning for a true romance without all the realities depicted in a serious melodrama.

8. Last but not the least, DramaFever starts Skip Beat with 10 episodes out of the total 23 episodes. Each episode is only 45 minutes. So it's enough to marathon but not too much to get binge indigestion.

Have fun!