After watching as many dramas as I have, it’s hard not to wish for certain products that appear time and time again. Here are some of the items that I crave after seeing them as continuous props in my favorite shows!

1. Gold Ramen Pot

(As seen in Boys Over Flowers)

Watching people eat ramen is a guarantee in Drama-land. Who doesn’t crave this delicious dish after seeing the characters devour it over and over again? Growing up, I never dreamed that the correct way to eat ramen is straight from pot! Thank you K-dramas for showing me light. I now want my own special pot so I can be cool like Gu Jun Pyo and eat ramen off the lid. Bowls are so overrated!

2. Korean Style Outdoor Bench

(As seen in Rooftop Prince)

Don't you get jealous when you see drama characters lounging on their bench, enjoying a nice summer day? It looks like the perfect spot for a nap. I hope one day I can test this theory out!

3. Front Door Camera System

(As seen in My Love From Another Star)

I don’t understand why front door camera systems are not a staple in American homes. These things are fabulous. Who needs peep holes when you can have a convenient display screen inside your home? The included intercom system would also be super useful!

4. Sleek Smartphone and Cool Case

(As seen in It's Okay, That's Love)

Did you know that dramas are actually just 16 hour cell phone commercials? While the reality is not quite that extreme, cell phones certainly get a lot of screen time! How can you not want one of these fancy android gadgets? iPhone, what’s that?

What happens when romance develops between an obsessive compulsive mystery writer and a love-shy psychiatrist? Find out in It’s Okay, That’s Love
5. Couples Outfits

(As seen in We Got Married - Global Edition Season 1, Personal Taste, and Big)

K-dramas have taught me that you're not a real couple unless you have the matching outfits to prove it! While cheesy, it's hard not to want to wear one of these cute shirts at least once!

6. Stylish Headphones

(As seen in I Hear Your Voice and Heirs)

While I usually go for small earbuds, seeing these giant headphones on handsome actors like Lee Jong Suk and Lee Min Ho makes me want to own a pair!

7. A Cute High School Uniform

(As seen in School 2013, Dream High, Monstar, and High School - Love On)

I may be past my high school years, but that doesn't mean I can't wish I had worn one of these stylish outfits to school every day!

8. Fancy Fridge With A Special Drink Door

(As seen in The Master's Sun)

This one has been on my wish list since I first saw it appear in a drama. (If I remember correctly, it was Full House!) I just love the convenience the outside door provides. Thirsty? No need to actually open the fridge - just use the slot on the front and quickly grab your drink!

(Here's another variety as seen in King 2 Hearts)

Sadly, I don't think this style of fridge is available in the United States...

Do you also long for these products? Which do you want the most? What other items are on your K-drama inspired wish list? Please share your thoughts below!

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