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Noona romances are definitely NOT the new kids on the block, although right now they might be the most popular. From Dal Ja's Spring (2007) to Oh! My Lady (2010) to Secret Love Affair (2014), noona romances have been around for years, and here are 9 reasons to love them!

1. Damsels in distress? Don't even think about it! These are working women and divorcees who are capable of climbing down from any tower and slaying more than a few dragons on their own.

A Super Noona and her killer gaze from I Need Romance 3.

2. But, we've still got a few knights in shining banged up armor. They're here to save our leading ladies from their successful but often boring and love-less lives!

An adorable knight armed with kisses and a carton of milk for this noona from I Do, I Do.

3. These "knights" are young. Sometimes, they're even still in high school!

A young and skilled knight armed with telepathy from I Hear Your Voice.

4. ... And, they're cute, too.

From Dal Ja's Spring, this is a noona and her knight, who isn't really armed. After all, fluffy animal hats could never count as weapons!

5. Sometimes, they're even hot.

The tall, dark, and hot knight from Oh! My Lady.

6. ... REALLY hot!

The tall, dark, hot, and half-naked knight from Oh! My Lady.

7. Either way, women everywhere have hope that they, too, will look this good when they're single and successful noonas.

Kim Hee Ae, age 46, who plays Oh Hye Won in Secret Love Affair.

8. And that they will have their cake (a career) and get to eat it, too. A little romance and a lot of love never tasted so good!

The noona and her adorable knight from I Do, I Do.

9. Most of all, though, the kiss scenes in noonaromances are always incredible...

A sweet and incredible kiss from I Hear Your Voice.

I also love noonaromances because they challenge our stereotypes about women, relationships, and love. Why do YOU love them?

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