Mothers, first loves, confessions and MacGyver home repair fill this week's episodes of Answer Me 1988. Jung Hwan has to navigate the tricky waters of Mom’s need to be needed and respecting his friends feelings even if it means he loses what he wants most. Taek shows a strong desire to win and Bo Ra learns a few things about growing up. Join Kate, Tiara and I, Wendilynn as we walk through the impressions we are left with.

Kate: Our little neighborhood has really gotten shaken up these two episodes, on more than one level. We’ll get back to the love confessions, but we’d be remiss not to mention the protests. The political situation in South Korea in 1988 became much more a part of the fabric of the show as Dad encountered protesters on his way home from work, and we then discovered Bo Ra was not only one of them, but very committed to her cause. At first I was very disappointed in how dad helped the young man who was protesting out on the street, but stood up so strongly against Bo Ra’s involvement. As the show went on, I realized how much of it was rooted in how scared he was about what might happen to her.

Wendilynn: I remember hearing about these riots when I was a teen. There was a line early on when Dad smelled the pepper spray on Bo Ra, and he yelled at the Mom if she wanted her daughter to die. He was really afraid for her. And I liked that when the Mom was defending Bo Ra to the police it really let Bo Ra know just how much her parents loved her. She stopped being so stubborn after that. She was almost likeable through the rest of these episodes.


Tiara: Dad saving that young man from being arrested about had me in tears. It’s such a scary thing to see your child be on the front lines of danger. I’m not surprised to see Bo Ra protesting, but I was concerned something bad would have come about. Thank goodness for the watchdog know as Dad. I do think if he didn’t remain at her door things could’ve have turned out worse. Mom trying to protect her daughter was a breaking point for me. You’re right Wendilynn about Bo Ra and her finally realizing how much her parents love her. I don’t see her changing her stubbornness towards her parents, but this is a start.

Kate: It was an important development for her character, I think, and needed for the big reveal that Sun Woo /really/ liked her and not Deok Sun. She stands up for her beliefs, and that roughness can be read as grit and loyalty as well. It was neat to see her through Sun Woo’s eyes, too, when he caught her smiling, or seeing her moments of kindness when she drove Sun Woo’s mom to the hospital overnight so she could be with her sick daughter. I can’t wait to see her full reaction next week, but there was a hint of softness in her face after he told her.


Wendilynn: I can’t wait to see how she responds. I think even Jung Bong has a bit of a crush on her considering how he praised her in that postcard and she defended him later on. That wonder woman theme while she was chewing out those boys made me laugh so much. I love how we see all these little things happening and it looks like one thing and then when we get the back story we see it's something else completely. Poor Jung Hwan, he couldn’t eat for fear that Sun Woo was about to take Deok Sun away from him.

Tiara: Bo Ra is going to react like she always behaves in her brutish way. I get the feeling she’s going to be more embarrassed her little sister’s friend likes her. I don’t see Sun Woo giving up on his crush anytime soon. Who knows, maybe he was able to wear her down. I too think Jung Bong has a crush on her. OMG, I loved the use of the Superman and Wonder Woman themes. In ways, Bo Ra is Jung Bong’s Wonder Woman. She did end up saving Sun Woo’s mom by driving her.


Kate: Speaking of the Kim brothers, both Jung Hwan and Jung Bong are pretty observant. Jung Hwan is spending more of his effort focused on Deok Sun these days, but is still cognizant enough to realize when his mother’s feelings are hurt and to become needier so that she feels wanted again. Jung Bong is a bit of a dark horse. Just when you think to discount him because of his apparent simplicity, he pulls out some bit of trivia, mentions something that no one else in the neighborhood seems to have noticed, or manages to fix the toilet and the furnace with a soda bottle. I’m not sure I want to go over for dinner when he’s cooking, though.

Wendilynn: That made me laugh when Jung Bong winked after he fixed the toilet. They broke the fourth wall there for a minute to let us know Jung Bong wasn’t the dunce we had all been taking him for. lol As for the mother episode. That had me crying. I ended up missing my mom and had to stop to give her a call. Jung Hwan is really starting to steal my heart in this. I wasn’t expecting to like his character much and instead, he’s the most sensitive guy on the block.

Tiara: You mark my words; I bet Jung Bong is a millionaire in present day. He might come across as dumb, but he’s got a brain up there. I simply don’t imagine he knows what to do with the information he has in it. I loved the growth moment with Jung Hwan towards his mom. Mrs. Kim should NEVER leave her boys home alone because –ew. Those boys are down right gross and totally need Mrs. Kim to stay home – forever. Jung Hwan is adorable and the least likely to be sensitive enough to understand the mood, yet he’s able to figure out his mom needs to feel needed. I also can’t get over his crush. He slays me secretly waiting for her to come at night and don’t get me started on the umbrella.

Kate: Sun Woo’s mom had my sympathy the most in episode 5. First, to have to stand up for herself in front of that mother-in-law, and then to be struggling so hard to make ends meet and still want to show her own mom she was fine- but mom still noticed the holey underwear. Mom knows all, at least where her kids are concerned. There have been several rough times in my life when my Mom bought me some small but needed thing, and this pulled on my heart strings pretty hard too.

Tiara: I’m glad Sun Woo’s mom was able to stand up to her mother-n-law. I thought Mrs. Kim was kidding, but she was right about what a nasty lady her n-law happens to be. A mother will give everything to her kids, no matter their age. She thought she could fool her mom, but she saw right through the disguise. It’s heart-breaking to see Sun Woo struggling for her children which makes me hope for better days ahead. At least, I know their neighbors are there to assist them through the hard times.


Wendilynn: Episode 5 will forever be the Mom episode. However, that mother in law. Blaming her for living while her son died. As if its her fault or she had any control. I just don’t understand that at all. It makes no sense to me to blame someone else for something outside of their control. SMH

Kate: You could say Deok Sun was doing that in a small way, as she yelled and hit Sun Woo when discovering he liked her sister instead. It was a lot more sympathetic and understandable, however. Deok Sun was surprised, and newly disappointed, and has a history of losing out on things to her sister (who isn’t always very nice to her besides). But it’s hard to predict who we fall for.

Wendilynn: Her sister gets whatever she wants and she is left with leftovers or nothing. And now Bo Ra got her first love. That had to be a bitter pill to swallow. However, then we have Taek who we thought just really wanted to go to the movies. Little did we know he was wiping the floor with his competitors so he could ask Deok Sun to the movies.

AM1988 movie.jpg

Tiara: Deok Sun is getting the raw deal. She’s has to share everything with a sister who doesn’t know the meaning of give and take. This loss is going to hurt her for a good while. Who knew Taek liked anything beside Baduk? It’s adorable he became a world champion to go out on a movie date with Deok Sun. It’s a good jolt, but I’m a little distressed. The amount of medicine still causes me believe something bad will occur. I really want Taek to not feel and look lonely, but I do see it with Deok Sun.

Kate: I am a little nervous about the whole Taek/Deok Sun pairing, I am not going to lie. Deok Sun seems as if she may be susceptible to liking who likes her--how else to explain how quickly she discovered feelings for Sun Woo after her friends said that he must like her? Deok Sun is sweet and a good friend, but will she be able to figure out what Taek is after? Will he have the confidence to tell her? Can she have develop the maturity to like someone for themselves, and not just because they like her? On the other hand, it could be a super adorable and awkward first relationship. We’ll see.


Wendilynn: No, she liked Sun Woo before her friends said something. Remember the camera catching her put chocolates in Sun Woo’s bag? Yeah, she was already falling for him. Taek is a bit of a wild card really. He is so withdrawn that you just don’t know where he’s coming from. Although, Dong Ryong seems to understand his vibe. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to seeing how Jung Hwan takes this new bit of news. I see him missing a few more meals in the future. However, can we look at the clues the new husband scene gave us? We know for sure now that he is not Sun Woo.

Kate: No, but Sun Woo could be Bo Ra’s husband. Hopefully they won’t keep us in the dark about two husbands for the rest of the run. I’m not too worried about Jung Hwan’s appetite, though. If he does end up Deok Sun’s husband, the way she tells it, there are plenty of girlfriends for him to eat meals with before they get together.


Tiara: It was back in August during her picket girl training, her friends were the ones who planted the idea about Sun Woo liking Deok Sun. The candy in the back bag was after the Olympus which means her friends heavily influenced her feelings. I agree, Taek is a wild card, but unless I see some attitude changes, he can’t be the husband. Deok Sun’s husband knew about Sun Woo rejecting her. He also knew about her postcards too. There is one character that’s seen both these things. He had me in the alley, but my heart was given to him on the bus. 

Will Taek and Sun Woo survive their first confessions?   Will Jung Hwan lose his appetite again?  Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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