Popular Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin is getting married on Christmas Eve! She just got engaged on her birthday on October 29 and will formally tie the knot with longtime beau Charles Lin on Christmas Eve. Let's find out what Ariel plans to wear for her bridal gown and more.

Ariel's engagement on October 29 was the main event in Taipei, full of glittering stars in attendance, including "boyfriends"  from her past romance dramas. Although Joe Cheng of It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again was filming in China, Chen Bo Lin (In Time With You) and Feng Shao Feng (Prince of Lan Ling) showed up, along with many other TV and movie stars.

See Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo in the lighthearted fantasy comedy Sweden Laundry:

For the wedding, Ariel said it will be more focused on her future husband's family and all she has to do is to dress up in her bridal gown and show up looking pretty. (Yeah, that's crucial!) She doesn't know all the details, just that it will be Christmas-themed. She will wear a white bridal gown that is not sexy at all. According to her, it will only reveal her collar bone. 

When asked whether she ever argued with Charles about the wedding arrangement, Ariel said that they didn't have any argument at all. The two of them always communicated objectively and sensibly. If there was any disagreement, they would discuss and consider each other's needs and make mutual concessions. 

Because Charles lives in the U.S. with a business in California, while Ariel has many committed projects, they will have a long-distance marriage. Ariel plans to take care of her marriage and will give her husband surprises from time to time to keep up with a sense of freshness.

(I definitely see Ariel's future as a marriage consultant.)

Congratulations and best wishes to Ariel and Charles! 

(photo: wownews, Chen Bolin)