A fairly short math equation that is stumping employees and netizens in Japan is now trending its way around the Internet. Every year, a car parts manufacturing company gives its new employees the same math test, and this year only 40 percent of the new hires got the question right. During the 1980's, 90% of the new employees in this same company got the correct answer. Can you solve the problem?

Here is the equation: 9-3÷1/3+1 (where 1/3 represents one third)=

Before we tell you the right answer, we should note that this question did not just stump the employees at the car manufacturing company as several netizens are also struggling to come up with the right answer. Some of the answers to the question from the Internet include:



'Huh, it's 1, right?'

'It's 7. Common sense.'

'How about 19?'

'You're all stupid. It's definitely 9.'

'Do the big companies really ask this kind of question?'

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Many are pointing to the odd way in which the question is phrased as the reason why the equation is difficult. And since it's almost the weekend, we'll tell you the right answer....1

The Chubu Economic Federation included these findings in their new initiative for education reform.