Well Cheese lovers, we’re at the end of the line and I’m sure many of you are disappointed. We didn’t know what to expect for the ending of this drama, but have to say, we were all pretty shocked! It seems like everyone has broken free from the hardships of the past, but what about our two main leads Hong Seol and Yoo Jung? Will they ever get their happily ever after? Join us as we break it all down one last time and discuss the last episodes of Cheese in the Trap!

Marakeshsparrow: Wow. These last two episodes...just wow. Not what I was expecting. I don’t even know where to start! Before we get to the much-talked about ending though, what did everyone think about Baek In Ha totally snapping? Do you blame her for having a mental break? Or do you think Yoo Jung pushed her too far? I’m honestly not sure how to feel about it!

June: I’m kind of at a loss(?) you could say. I definitely did not think this is where the ending would go but it did. Lol I think for Baek In Ha, things were kind of building up in the drama and she just snapped. Do I think she went too far? Absolutely. But I think she'd just had it with Yoo Jung. I feel like my thoughts are all jumbled because I’m still in like a daze after the events that took place! Haha

Debo: I really felt bad for Baek In Ha during the last two episodes. She definitely overstepped her boundaries, especially with how she tried to sabotage Seol even before the car accident. However, I truly felt bad for her when she found out the perfect little comfortable family she believed she belonged to with Yoo Jung and his father was all just a farce. It made me feel bad for her even though she should definitely not have tried to talk with him again after the party and of course she should not have attacked Seol like that. But, damn, I was surprised by how far she was able to throw Seol into the street.

Warning: unpopular opinions below!

Marakeshsparrow: I was really sad for both Baek In Ha and In Ho. I mean, In Ha’s actions are inexcusable, but a part of me can really understand having a break down like that. Yes, she'd always taken advantage of the president’s good favor, but I truly believe she felt like they were a family. Then to learn you were basically just pets for the rich son to play with...wow. That hurts. I feel like In Ho and In Ha kept getting the short end of the stick and then are always told it’s their fault. The girl clearly has abandonment issues--their childhood was not a very happy one. And then Yoo Jung and his father just totally toss her aside...I don’t know. I’m really not sure how I feel since Yoo Jung did a lot of bad things as well and all he got was a realization at the end that he’d trampled all over everyone’s hearts… why did the brother and sister have to have such a rough time? //sigh// I guess at least things turned out ok for them in the end.

June: I totally agree with you. I felt bad for them too and I know some people might disagree and argue that this ending focused too much on the Baek siblings but I liked that we got to see this. I felt so bad and I can see why she broke down the way she did - still pushing Seol in the street was just crazy and she (obviously) shouldn’t had done it. But I could not understand Yoo Jung’s dad at all. Not only was he using the siblings, but the way he still treats Yoo Jung is unacceptable. I am glad that Yoo Jung did realize that some of the things he did were bad. I’ve read lots of things about people not being happy with the ending, but let me remind everyone that Yoo Jung had done some shady things throughout the whole drama. I kind of felt like this ending would not have been a happy-go-lucky one.

Debo: I agree, June. The way Yoo Jung’s father used the siblings and treated his own son was completely wrong. It also annoyed me how even after confronted about it, he just did not understand how he was wrong. Though the ending was not a truly satisfactory one, the open ending fit especially since the webtoon has not been completed yet.

Marakeshsparrow: I know we have some more insight into Yoo Jung’s character now, but I’m still not sure how I feel about him. Yes. he’s always had his “victim” mentality, as he puts it, always felt like others were out to get him and use him, but for some reason I just can’t feel sorry for him. This may be another unpopular opinion because I know that there were LOTS of Yoo Jung fans, but I’m wondering if they are actually fans of the character from the webtoon? I started reading it myself out of curiosity and they portray Yoo Jung in a much more likable light--not nearly so creepy. I’m not sure why they decided to take such a cold route with Park Hae Jin's character in this drama--even that scene where Jung was a little kid and gave that little girl wine (getting her drunk) was creepy. All the way to the end I was like, “who IS this guy?” I just couldn’t really figure out why Hong Seol liked him so much because I don’t think I could be that comfortable with someone who’s wronged so many people in such a cold, two-faced way… even if they did "have it coming" //shrugs//

Debo: Yeah, I have seen people in the comments talking about how the Yoo Jung in the webtoon is much more likable. I also am having a lot of trouble connecting with and liking Yoo Jung’s character. His actions go way beyond bottling up your anger, they are just so cruel. I am glad he had a small moment of character development at the end where he realizes how much his actions hurt others but it would have been nice if that moment came earlier in the drama so we could see a better gradual growth of him as a person. I felt like they tried to do that in the drama but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

June: THANK YOU BOTH! I totally agree with everything you all said. I feel like I now need to go read the webtoon because I did not connect with or really like Yoo Jung. I admit he had his moments but I couldn't understand why Seol likes him so much. I do appreciate that he was such a complex person but most of the time, he was just really cold to anyone who wasn’t Seol and didn’t care about anyone’s feelings. I still never forgot how he treated her in the beginning of the drama either, no matter how I tried to go past it. I just couldn’t--and more power to Seol for forgiving him and going out with him. But along the whole way, he just did so many shady things to people. I will give him this though, this drama did have some complex characters and I loved the whole university feel to it. Could the ending be presented a bit better and tied up a little neater for us? Probably so. Also, these thoughts are all based on my viewing of this show because I’ve read about some of the things that had gone on behind the scenes, and I had to just put those behind.

Marakeshsparrow: I heard about some of what went on behind the scenes as well and I wonder if that played into how the drama concluded? On the one hand, I actually appreciated that they left things open ended--I mean, the webtoon is ongoing, so it would have been hard to wrap it up totally. BUT...it also felt a little weird how Yoo Jung pretty much just dropped out of her life...and then...SURPRISE! IT’S OVER! A part of me is happy because his character frustrated me a bit, but on the other hand...how unsatisfying. I don’t know. I’m really pretty stupefied by how it all went down, at least as far as Yoo Jung and Hong Seoul go. I’m really glad that Baek In Ho’s hand got better and is playing piano professionally and studying music in school. I’m also glad In Ha has somewhat settled down and actually seems pretty happy with Designer Peanut (Jae Woo). Hong Seol even got the job she wanted! But...but… I don’t know. I’m still a bit dissatisfied. Many mixed emotions here. 

Debo: I thought the In Ha and Jae Woo part was really cute and was also really happy with how In Ho’s life turned out! But I agree, I also felt mixed emotions about the ending. It just seems like it ended too fast and was too idealistic (?) with how everything wrapped up perfectly (minus the Yoo Jung part) especially for a drama that dealt with showing us complex characters in difficult situations.

June: Same. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the drama club, I’m still trying to figure out what just happened. I’m like, there has to be more episodes, right? Like, it can’t just end right now. Well maybe I’ll continue reading the webtoon to see how this series ends. It’s interesting because didn’t they change the ending or something because it was apparently too similar to the webtoon ending? I know that was part of the BTS drama that was going on as well. It’s crazy to think that the drama we all started watching a few weeks ago went down like this. Not to say that I didn’t like this drama because I do, it’s just it’s been awhile since an ending has left me this mixed and kind of empty? Like there needs to be more to wrap this all up!

Marakeshsparrow: To my knowledge, the webtoon is still ongoing, so I don’t think it’s come to the end just yet. What I’ve read so far is quite enjoyable, so I definitely recommend it! I may like it more than the drama...or at least I like Hong Seol and Yoo Jung a bit more. But overall, I agree, I didn’t dislike this drama. I think it’s a fairly realistic portrayal of navigating relationships of all kinds. From the people who want to take the easy route and mooch off your work, the jealous and conniving types, those that are hard to read or just plain crazy...I really appreciated that and feel like it was a successful slice of life drama. I always enjoyed watching it and it had a different vibe from a lot of other Kdramas out there, which also felt fresh. The ending left a bit to be desired, but we at least saw that Yoo Jung checked her email! So there’s hope. Like he said, he wanted to wait until he could love her properly… though I will say his quick character development felt a bit forced. Other than that (and the lack of love for adorable In Ho) I’m pretty happy with things.

So what did you all think now that it's over? Were you happy with the way things ended? Or were you left wanting more? If you're a fan of the webtoon, do you think the drama did a good job following the story, or were you disappointed about this adaptation? Leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts! 

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