Some kids ride the school bus, these kids ride plastic bags. In order to get to school during the rainy season in Vietnam, children from Sam Lang Village have to climb in plastic bags and get carried across the Nam Po River. The village is located in a mountainous region of the country, and when it is the rainy season the children do not have access to the bridge they usually take during the drier weather.

To make the commute work, a child goes to the river and gets placed in a big plastic bag and then gets carried across the river by a local villager. The man carries the child with one hand and then successfully swims across to the other side of the river. The process doesn't sound that difficult, but the current of the river is extremely fast.

While the commute does sound inhuman, the children do reach the other side of the river safely with their clothes dry. We just think they could make things a littler easier by using a boat.

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