We are currently living in the "Selfie Generation." This is why Instagram and similar photo sharing sites are so popular today! Everyone all over the world is participating in this kind of social media, including many Chinese celebrities. Here are some of the coolest Chinese-speaking celebrities on Instagram! Click each name to view their Instagram page! 

1) Fan Bingbing (China)

Her popularity in China is unyielding! Check out her Instagram for her amazing fashion choices!

2) Aaron Yan (Taiwan)

The actor and singer often posts adorable workout selfies that will help motivate you to work out too!

3) Sunny Wang (Taiwan)

The actor and model just recently got engaged! Check out Sunny's diverse updates on his Instagram.

4) Puff Guo (Taiwan)

Puff was delightful as Heechul's (Super Junior) virtual wife on the global edition of We Got Married! Her photos are just as delightful!

5) Godfrey Gao (Taiwan)

Godfrey, one of the stars of the American movie The Mortal Instruments, often posts interesting photos from wherever he is traveling!

6) Jolin Tsai (Taiwan)

"Asia's Dancing Queen" is famous for her awesome pop music, and her Instagram page is just as fun!

7) Chen Xue Dong (China)

The handsome Tiny Times star always posts pictures that are super cute!

8) Kai Ko (Taiwan)

Even though he is going through a tough time right now after his arrest last year, I'm hoping that Kai can pull through and make a comeback! His Instagram page is also totally adorable.

9) Jiro Wang (Taiwan)

The popular actor's Instagram is full of random updates! You can also see more of Jiro Wang in the new DramaFever exclusive series, Singles Villa.

10) Angelababy (Hong Kong)

The beautiful model/actress/singer is always posting great photos. She is so popular on Instagram!

11) Aarif Rahman (Hong Kong)

Aarif Rahman is China's newest obsession thanks to his role opposite Fan Bingbing in The Empress of China. He hasn't posted in a while, but his previous updates are great!

12) Eddie Peng (Taiwan/Canada)

Eddie's Instagram is full of food, selfies, and fun!

13) Wu Yi Fan (Kris) (China/Canada)

Wu Yi Fan has been doing so well for himself since his departure from mega K-Pop group EXO. He doesn't update very often, but when he does, the photos are lovely!

14) Luhan (China)

Luhan, who also left EXO, has been doing well for himself too, looking happier and healthier than ever!

15) Chen Bolin (Taiwan)

The popular actor, who most recently starred in 20 Once Again (along with Luhan!), has a funny sense of humor on Instagram!

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Are you following any of these celebrities? Which one is your favorite? If you think there are any other Chinese-language celebrities who have awesome Instagram accounts, comment below!