All of the ladies of Dear Mom are growing and learning life’s lessons through experiences of their own. Come discuss their growth with Wendilynn and me (Amy)!

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Amy: Well, Xiao Xi finally caught her boyfriend cheating on her. I was not surprised at all and I’m glad that she found him cheating so that she knew for sure that it was happening. While it sucks that she got cheated on there is a lot to learn from a bad relationship and if she is smart she will learn and find a better guy (ahem...Yu Hang) later.


Wendilynn: I was glad they finally let Xiao Xi know what all the rest of us knew ages ago. I think this will also help her relate to An Qing better. She can empathize with her sister. I loved when she finally stood up to that brat she was dating. He had the gall to say she was just some groupie to a family friend. I mean, the guy was a dog and its good that she knows it. Her eyes have been opened.

Amy: Yep! I’m so happy that she finally knows what kind of guy he really is. I really feel for her but I’m glad they didn’t drag out that relationship longer. She would have been hurt even more if she dated him longer. It will be nice for An Qing to have someone who understands her. They can help each other and lean on each other. Speaking of cheating, what do you think those two will do when they find out about Qing Qing’s relationship? I don’t think it will be pretty.


Wendilynn: Oh, yeah, the family will flay Qing Qing alive when they find out. Although, what sort of affair are they having that they go on a business trip for 5 days and they don’t sleep together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad they haven’t crossed that line, but its a funny line. Qing Qing went through all that agony of saying sorry to her mom’s teachings to be brave in this relationship but so far, its just really good friends indulging a crush.

Amy: Yeah. I think that Qing Qing needs to do what she wants and be happy. That kind of growth is an awesome thing but dating someone else’s spouse is not cool. Yeah it’s brave but not a good brave. Also, I’m getting the player vibe from her boss. I feel like he is manipulating her.

Wendilynn: I’m not sure what to make of him. When he took her to his “apartment” I felt that was an odd scene. Not only did they have his old school yearbook to laugh over, but was I the only one who had a hard time thinking she was the only girl who’d ever gone to that apartment? Although, I think the show wants us to think this is his first affair. Something just seems off kilter. Almost as if he’s not fully decided yet.

Amy: You’re probably right. Something is definitely up. I think the writers want us to feel like he is innocent and really does love Qing Qing but I’m not getting that from him. At least Xiao Fei is a good guy. It is very adorable how excited he is to be in a relationship with Yi Wan. Watching him learning about her and how to treat her is cute too.


Wendilynn: Their innocence is adorable. That forehead kiss and then their real kiss later. The intimacy growing between them is so sweet. Although Mom accidently watching that kiss sort of told her that her attempts to break them up is all for naught.

Amy: I think that Mom meeting the farmer at Xiao Fei’s office put a nail in the coffin too. He obviously isn’t a bad guy. She just needs to accept it. I’m kind of getting tired of her stubbornness even though I get where she is coming from. When Dad was trying to figure out why Mom bought pickles it was too funny. He was completely perplexed.

Wendilynn: Lol, well, it was different. That was the SLOOOOOWEST lead up to a kiss I’ve seen in a long time. It took forever for them to actually close that deal.

Amy: It really did. I’m happy their kiss was so sweet but not short. Ha ha! Speaking of taking forever, I’m glad Qi Le finally got An Qing to think about telling Mom about her divorce. It has been a long time and Mom needs to know. An Qing is gaining more confidence in herself and I think this next step will be good for her.


Wendilynn: I love that Qi Le wanted to help out at the Daddy Day for Jerry and then he got very blunt with An Qing and let her know that the only one she is hiding from is herself. Jerry already understands what is going on. Her pretending isn’t for Jerry’s benefit and I was glad Qi Le let her know that.

Amy: Me too. Qi Le is just awesome. He adores Jerry and wants to spend time with him and he treats both of them so well. An Qing needs to make her divorce known so that Qi Le can make his move! Ha ha!

Wendilynn: I just hope Qi Le understands that she has many steps to go before she’ll be ready to love again. She is willing to let him be close to Jerry but that is easier to do then to trust oneself to fall in love again.

Amy: That’s very true but I’m impatient. I want to watch them being cute right now! Ha ha! It will be very beneficial for An Qing to learn to love herself too. I feel like she isn’t doing that lately. Her confidence is up but if she loved herself more her confidence would be even better.

Wendilynn: Her love of self got railroaded. She made a huge mistake and instead of realizing that she is not at fault for him cheating, she is blaming herself, so she doesn’t trust herself.

Amy: Exactly. I’m excited to see how much she grows in the future. I think she will be an awesome lady once she gets over this hurdle.

What do you think drama clubbers? Do you think that the lessons the ladies are learning will benefit them? Will An Qing work up the courage to tell Mom about her divorce? Will Xiao Xi stay away from bad guys? How will Yi Wan and Xiao Fei progress in their relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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