Being the international icon that she is, Hello Kitty has literally been around the world since she first appeared on a coin purse in Japan in 1974. Who knew she's even been to space?

Yes, it's true. Hello Kitty is also an astronaut. In 2013, Lauren Rohas, then a thirteen-year-old junior high student from the city of Camarillo, California, decided to send Kitty up into the skies for a science experiment her class was assigned on the relationship between air pressure and altitude. Lauren and her classmates created a balloon equipped with a camera and sensors, then put Hello Kitty on a rocket for her first trip in space.

The trip was quite the challenge, and upon reaching an altitude of 93,625 feet, the balloon ruptured. But, because of Lauren and her classmates' understanding beforehand that this might happen, Kitty's rocket was fitted with a parachute, allowing the most famous character in the world to safely fall back to Earth, to the delight of Lauren, her classmates, and Hello Kitty fans around the world.

Homemade Hello Kitty rocket getting prepared

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Up, up and away...

Kitty in outer space

The spectacular view from Kitty's rocket