Welcome to the final week of  Discovery of Romance. With final endings, new beginnings, hot kisses, cool partings, and guilt balanced by affirmations, this episode is quite the emotional roller coaster ride. Please join Shai, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we discuss the ups and downs, ins and outs of Episode 15.

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Cici: I was so happy when Sol finally kissed Joon Ho. Not just because I called it, either, lol. And his reaction...wow!

Wendilynn: We’ve waited fifteen episodes for them to finally admit they liked each other. FINALLY Joon Ho had a better gift than a toilet. lol

Shai: I was hoping he learned from his toilet gifting mistake lol That kiss threw me for a loop, I wasn’t expecting that at all. Yay for the new couple! *throws confetti*

Wendilynn: Sol was so awesome this episode. She let the boys down gently when she refused them. I thought it was cute they tried to hold on to her.

Shai: I really did love Sol in this episode. I loved how she let Eun Gyu and Director Yoon down, she was upfront with them and that’s what both of them deserved. I know she was waiting for Joon Ho to say he liked her, but he kept going around it hoping she’d catch on lol I loved his face when she seemed utterly clueless about the shoes.

  Cici: Couple shoes! Yay! How could she keep a straight face? Like it’s totally normal for a guy to get you matching shoes. Didn’t she watch Heirs?

Wendilynn: Oh, she knew what the score was, but that she played dumb was priceless. She drew him into her hand so well. And then to see Joon Ho so happy the next day when they met up in the park was great. His three reasons didn’t suck either.

Cici: It was so Sol of her to ask him that. And he did pass with flying colors. She was like, FINALLY, he realizes how much I mean to him!

Shai: She knew if she didn’t do it then he’d never ask her lol I am happy she waited to see what she exactly meant to him. Which makes me think she continued to talk to Yoon and Eun Gyu to gauge his reaction, she was always side eyeing him lol

Wendilynn: I think I can agree with that. She was watching him very carefully.

Cici: She totally played him...for his own good, of course. I was a little surprised at how quickly their romance blossomed once it got off the ground, though. It was like she finally got the green light, and flew right into "Let's go out!"

Wendilynn: Oh, they were both ready for it. They’ve really been in love for years. It wouldn’t take much to tip them over. I’m really glad we had their story because watching the quiet breaking up of our three leads would have made this episode depressing without them.

Shai: As much as I loved their development within this episode, that was really depressing so I am glad we got that happy moment with Joon Ho and Sol. My heart was breaking for Ha Jin when he was in denial about the breakup and pretending like it didn’t happen. Poor guy honestly didn’t get it until Ah Rim left.

Cici: I was almost ready to re-assess my thoughts on Ha Jin’s feelings for Ah Rim, but when she left and he collapsed, I think he finally realized how difficult it was going to be not having her around. I still don’t think he can admit that he feels anything more than big-brotherly towards her, but that one moment gave me hope that the direction he was heading was not-so-brotherly.

Wendilynn: I disagree that his feelings were ever more than brotherly. Until he could break up with Yeo Reum, he wouldn’t have put his feelings in any other way. I think it took Ah Rim leaving and letting him know that she knew who he was that allowed him to understand what Yeo Reum had been trying to tell him about how if they kept going, they’d just hate each other more. He finally has Ah Rim’s forgiveness and he was finally free to let go of a relationship that didn’t fit him.

Cici: I don’t disagree, but I still think that he has a deep-rooted love for Ah Rim that will eventually blossom, now that he can let go of Yeo Reum. It will definitely take a while, but I think he has realized that he was never really happy with Yeo Reum, and that he deserves a relationship that better suits him.

Shai: Eh, I don’t know how he feels about Ah Rim, but I do know that because of his past he couldn’t say goodbye and tried to hold on as much as he could even when he knew something was failing and it wasn’t healthy. Ah Rim’s letter was his reality check and he knew he had to let Yeo Reum go even though it was hard. He realized she was right and he finally understood her. They just weren’t meant to be.

Cici: I was so hoping that Yeo Reum would run to Tae Ha, but it was actually more satisfying that she didn’t. It just re-confirmed how they were constantly playing at cross purposes. I don’t think they are ready for each other--they both need more time. But the attraction is still there.

Wendilynn: Clearly they want each other, but I’m with Yeo Reum in that she needs time to be on her own for awhile.

Cici: Was it Shai who predicted that she’d end up alone, getting neither of the guys? I found it hard to believe then, but she may have been right.

Shai: Hmm I don’t remember if I predicted she’d end up alone, I think I was hoping for that because of my extreme dislike for her in the beginning lol

Wendilynn: Oh, I see how it is, you just wanted her to suffer. (chuckles) But it turned out that is exactly what she needed.

Cici: Well, you aren’t alone in that! But I not only understand her better now, I am finding myself developing some reluctant respect for her. She knows herself well enough to be able to face her own personality flaws, and to realize that perhaps the kindest thing she can do for everyone is to be by herself for a while.


Wendilynn: So, what does Tae Ha get from all of this? We know that he knows his own heart and I think, with that flashback he had in the hospital, he has a better idea of what it means to love someone.

Shai: I think now even though he loves Yeo Reum, he’s free to move on if he has to and he can do better in his next relationship.

Cici: Well, in just this episode we’ve seen him move from this:

Ep15_Onl One.jpg

to this:

Ep15 Mychoices.jpg

Wendilynn: You’re right, Tae Ha is in a much better emotional spot. Speaking of emotional spots, we have not talked about Yeo Reum’s talk with her Mom. For all that I've disliked about her mother, this was an awesome Mom moment.

Shai: I really loved that mother-daughter conversation. I loved how Yoon Hee admitted to not being the greatest mother, but at least she never stopped Yeo Reum from doing what she wants. She also said it’s okay to be the bad person, I agree with that. Yeo Reum was called a bitch, but was that a bad thing for her in that moment? You can’t be nice all the time and her breaking up with Ha Jin was needed.

Wendilynn: I appreciated that she nixed the idea that Yeo Reum was somehow a failed copy of her parents. We get that in a lot of dramas. Where the child is blamed for whatever the parents are doing. Mom said no. Yeo Reum is her own person with her own needs and mistakes to make. She is not beholding to the mistakes of her parents in any way. I wanted to shout “hurray” in that moment. lol

Cici: I also appreciated how the writers snuck in the information that her mom had finally decided to marry the director. We all knew it was coming, I was just wondering how long she was going to drag her feet. 

Shai: I loved the couple phones, that’s how they just showed us she accepted him lol Sneaky writers. The way this episode ended, this better not be a drama or something written by her mother or Writer Jang.

Wendilynn: I had the same thought. Or, they are using their example to make a new drama?

Cici: I could get on board with Writer Jang. She’s cool. She almost deserves her own spin-off. With Jung Mok!

Well, dear fans, what do you think? Is it really over between Yeo Reum and Ha Jin? Will Ah Rim actually stand a chance with Joon Ho now? Has Tae Ha finally broken up with Yeo Reum for good? And will Joon Ho and Sol really find their happy ending? What message have you taken away from this drama, and how do you think it will all end? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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