Welcome back everyone to another emotional episode of Discovery of Romance. Last week we thought for sure we’d have angry fireworks in this episode, but instead we were touched as we learned more of what hurt lies behind our characters’ stories. Whether you’re on Team Ha Jin, Team Tae Ha or Team Sol, there was something for everyone this week.

Wendilynn: Lets start with Team Sol. She rocked it this episode. I always thought Sol was a little naive and sort of dumb where guys are concerned, but I changed my mind this week.

Cici: She really did. I’m never sure if she knows just what effect she’s having on the guys around her, and just doesn’t care, or if she’s kind of clueless. Maybe she alternates between the two?

Wendilynn: I think we’re all a little clueless at different points. But she’s in this place where she doesn’t want to care about it right now. She doesn’t want to be clingy, she doesn’t want to be seen as pathetic and so she’s just not caring right now. I always wondered why she stood by Choi Eun-Gyu for so long, but boy did we find out why this episode. Which totally changed my opinion of her.

Cici: Her defense of him really explained a lot. It was so cool the way it took both Eun Gyu and his “girlfriend” by surprise. Like even he didn’t realize how well she understood him. And Joon Ho’s reaction was priceless.

Shai: I loved her in that scene! At first I thought she was going to really shame him, but she actually praised him and showed him what exactly he missed out on.

Wendilynn: Watching both Joon Ho and Jung Mok fall for her was too cute. First they were sizing each other up and then when they realized they could lose out to Eun Gyu, their high five afterwards was hilarious. All of the sudden they were on the same team.

Cici: That’s my team, too! Go, Team Sol! And the Secret Garden spoof with the foam lip was great. The whole time Sol’s like, “What?”   I died.

Shai: Watching them fall for her was quite funny and then suddenly they're on the same team because of how she spoke of Eun Gyu (Hey, I know his name now!).

Wendilynn: That’s a trope that shows up on several dramas. Its been fun to watch the writers sort of make fun of various romantic tropes during the course of this show.

Cici: Recognizing them is one of the perks of having spent so many hours watching other dramas...kind of a payback, lol.

Wendilynn: The inside jokes are ALWAYS appreciated. Poor Joon Ho, he’s going to be a lot better about knocking from now on. *chuckles*

Cici: Or not, lol. Although he did seem appropriately chagrined, he went on to say how “perfect” Sol was. I don’t think he was really all that sorry he got a peek.

Wendilynn: He’s seen enough of them in his line of work, that he would be able to appreciate them from not only a clinical standpoint but from a guy standpoint. But those perspectives were slightly bothered by the transition he’s going through losing his “big brother” perspective towards Sol and her body.

Cici: Yeah, poor guy. He’s a goner for sure.

Wendilynn: Yeah, he’s lost and I think he’ll be very happy eventually with that fact.

Shai: Now that he's realized his feelings and comes to term with them, he'll be a-okay. 

Cici: Only if Sol “finds” him, and gives up the idea of endless #12’s.

Wendilynn: That’s just emotional protection she’s put up to deal with the hurt from Eun Gyu. It won’t last forever. She’ll move past it eventually.

Shai: Yeah it's like a defense mechanism for her, she's putting up that wall and only allowing it to come down bit by bit, but it's the one thing she can control.

Cici: So how do you think she’ll come to the realization that Joon Ho is perfect for her as a man? She has a way to go before she looks at him that way.

Wendilynn: Joon Ho will have to show her the way. She takes her cues from him quite a bit. I don’t think he’s got an easy road in front of him. I suspect Jung Mok will probably get used by her first.

Cici: I keep trying to imagine the first kiss between Sol and Joon Ho, and I just can’t. I think you are probably right about Jung Mok, poor guy. Is there such a thing as a third male lead?

Wendilynn: We’re about to find out. Speaking of leads, both Tae Ha and Ha Jin had some emotional journeys they took this episode.

Cici: I’m understanding Ha Jin a bit more, and I really like Ah Rim, but I’m still not getting why Ha Jin is so hung up on Yeo Reum. Ah Rim is obviously a way better match for him.

Wendilynn: I agree with you that I don’t see why Yeo Reum is such a need. He doesn’t act like it other than he’s defensive about her. But Ah Rim is clearly more important to him as far as priorities go. Not that I consider his feelings romantic towards his orphanage little sister, but he will put her first over Yeo Reum.

Shai: I agree. Ha Jin has obviously put Ah Rim first in his list of priorities, but he hasn't noticed it yet. I also think she's a much better match for him than Yeo Reum, who just runs over him and he takes it. Ah Rim doesn't let anyone walk over her, but her reactions are much different than Yeo Reum's.

Cici: I think I saw the first glimmers of romantic feelings for Ah Rim, but he’s a long way from recognizing those. He’s still in protective mode as far as she’s concerned.

Wendilynn: I don’t see it yet, I just see a protective big brother who has finally found his little sister who he feels horribly guilty abandoning. Their talk in the orphanage about being adopted was sort of heart breaking.

Cici: Agreed. So when is he going to let her know who he really is? The longer he waits, the more impossible it becomes. Is he thinking he can just help her and the other kids at the orphanage, then leave her again? He’s getting in way too deep without seeing where he’s going.

Wendilynn: Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea where he’s taking this, and he probably doesn’t know either.

Shai: I have no idea either. What's taking him so long? She's already crushing on him so he needs to say something soon. He's had plenty of time to tell Ah Rim who he is, but maybe some part of him doesn't want to say anything.

Cici: Tae Ha, on the other hand, starts out with the clear plan to get Yeo Reum to break up with Ha Jin, ostensibly to make their relationship more “heartwarming”. Yeah, right, like he has no ulterior motive!

Wendilynn: What a dork. lol I just had to laugh at that absurdity.

Cici: But what a cute dork! Then when Yeo Reum has her breakdown and he realizes that something terrible must have happened to her father, he does a complete about face. He finally understands that the most important part of loving someone is making them your first priority.

Wendilynn: The realization for Tae Ha to understand what Yeo Reum is going through was so important. I think it was also important for us the audience as well. We haven’t really liked Yeo Reum for most of this series and now that we understand that she found her dad who had committed suicide, well….that really explains a lot. She’s not just a jerk. She’s a person going through hell and it really hasn’t ended for her yet.

Cici: Ah, this flashback was utterly devastating. Now instead of feeling angry or impatient with her, my heart just aches for her. I really don’t know how anyone gets over the suicide of a loved one, and I can certainly see why it would make her hold everyone at arm’s length.

Wendilynn: Agreed. It sent Tae Ha for a loop. I’m curious to see how he now treats Yeo Reum understanding not only where she’s coming from but how he didn’t do right by her either. 

Shai: I feel more for Yeo Reum than I did before and I understand why she lied about her dad's cause of death. She has been going through all sorts of hell and hasn't really gotten the support from anyone. I am glad Tae Ha has finally understood her and knows where he went wrong in their relationship. It'll only make him a better person in the long run.

Cici: I think he’s going to take his own advice and finally “break up” with her, 'cause he’s never really accepted their break up in the past. Maybe now he can let go of her for her own good. Then if she gives him another chance, it might actually work out.

Wendilynn: Cici, that’s a really good perspective that I hadn’t considered. He can at last understand why she cannot see any of the good memories right now. For her, they are nothing but moments of pain. He will need to step back and stop pressuring her.

Shai: Yeah maybe this will finally let him accept their break up and attempt to move on. He has been living in the past for five years and now that he understands what she was going through then maybe he'll let her go. I do think they match very well, but both of them have some growing to do and that needs to happen separately.

Cici: And I think Tae Ha has finally developed the maturity and sensitivity to do just that. But it does make me wonder what Ha Jin’s reaction will be if he ever finds out about the skeletons in her closet. He is always so concerned about how his mother will react—can you imagine her response when she finds out Yeo Reum’s father committed suicide?

Wendilynn: That’s a whole 'nother can of worms.

Cici: Poor Mom---she gets to choose between a poor orphan girl and one whose father committed suicide as a potential daughter-in-law.

Wendilynn: Lets see… daughter in law with a father who committed suicide or the orphan girl they abandoned….hmmmm, tough choice. They really should have adopted both of them.

Cici: Ah, hindsight is always 20/20. Is it too late? Ew, gross. Scratch that. I want Ha Jin to end up with Ah Rim, so they can’t be brother and sister!

Wendilynn: bwhahahahahaha! I’m undecided if I want them as lovers or siblings. Its clear that Ah Rim is falling for him though. I am sort of glad that they aren’t real siblings like I thought. That was just starting to get creepy if they were.

Shai: I'd rather not comment on that one. The thought that they could have been siblings doesn't sit well with me since I also ship them.

Cici: I think quite a few of us were confused on that score, so I’m glad the writers took some care to clear that up once and for all. I wonder if viewers wrote in and asked them to clarify? Does that ever happen in drama land?

Wendilynn: I think these writers know how their audience is going to react and play us like fiddles. lol

Cici: Well, in that case, writers, play on!

So, dear fans, which team are you on? What revelations touched your heart, and which developments made you laugh? Be sure to join us again for episode 10, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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