Funny moments! This week, before we move on to episodes seven and eight, Lore, Shai, and I will talk about our top three funniest moments of Good Doctor so far. My last review didn't solely focus on funny moments, but my partners and I thought we would expand on that topic.

Let's start with Lore's top three funny moments. Below are her thoughts:

Good Doctor’s humorous scenes are often simultaneously endearing and laugh out loud funny. This drama has plenty of scenes that make me cry, so when I am given a funny moment it is all the more icing on the delicious drama cake. In other words, it is hard to pick just three of these moments as my favorite- but I will give it a shot (only a slight pun intended):

My #1 has to be any scene were Shi On hiccups out of sheer nervousness while spending time around Yoon Seo. Not only does the random anxiety hiccups make me giggle, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

My #2 favorite funny moment from Good Doctor occurred during episode three, when Shi On manhandled robots. I loved the fact that Shi On connected with the patient over the robots (even knowing which line of toys they came from, ha- okay, admit it, I still play with legos) and loved the humorous situation that resulted from Shi On accidently breaking the toy. Three times. Oops!

My #3 favorite laugh fest via Good Doctor is courtesy of episode one. I would never have expected this show to throw out an awkward romantic comedy moment (after all of the medical emergencies and depressing plot matter) so I found this scene really funny. Yoon Seo, drunk none the less, crawling into Shi On’s bed, was just too hilarious not to laugh. Good Doctor, you had me at this scene.

Lore picked some good scenes so Shai had to think harder. Below are Shai's thoughts:

Even though Good Doctor is suppose to be a serious medical drama, my personality tends to make me laugh at scenes I don't think are meant to be funny.

Scene#1: When Do Han drunkenly kicked Jin Wook out of his bed. IDK, I still would like to know where Jin Sook slept and where Do Han got fresh clothes from....

Scene#2: Elaborating on what Lore mentioned about Yoon Seo walking into the wrong apartment. My favorite part has to be when she woke up and tried to "stop" Shi On with the remote and he just stares at her brushing his teeth. Hee.

Scene#3: Any scene with my favorite male nurse, Jung Mi ! I just love his interactions with the kids and Shi On.

Lore and Shai picked some great scenes. Luckily, I had a few different funny scenes of my own. Below are my top three picks:

This might sound like a repeat of my other reviews, but my favorite funny scenes remain the same as mentioned in my previous reviews.

Funny Moment #1: I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but the first time I laughed while watching Good Doctor was after Assistant Director Kang Hyun Tae's response to being asked to stay for a few more celebratory drinks at the bar with schemers, Managing Director, Lee Hyeok Pil (Lee Ki Yeol) and Chief of the Pediatrics Division, Ko Choong Man (Jo Hee Bong). I thought that Assistant Director Kang had something really important to do, but I saw him swinging at baseballs in the batting cage instead. It turns out that he was really there for business, but for a moment, I was deceived and I thought that was funny.

Funny Moment #2: I'm not sure why I thought this scene was funny because the patient is in pain, but when wolf-girl patient Eun Ok ran over the patient in crutches while Eun Ok was on her route to escape the hospital, I laughed out loud. That patient must have been in a lot of pain after that experience and I feel a little bit bad that I laughed at him. Poor patient!

Funny Moment #3: The result was amusing the first time Nurse Jo Jung Mi (Ko Chang Seok) tried to perform a fist bump with Doctor Park Shi On. Shi On did not understand what the fist bump gesture meant and tried to play Muk Chi Ba (Korean version of the game, rock-paper-scissors) instead. Nurse Jo taught Shi On how to fist bump in the end and we have a happy ending.

Did you enjoy our funny moments? I'm sure there are a lot more we didn't mention and probably a lot more to come in the future. See? Being in a hospital is not only about tears, stress, schemes, and sorrow. At least everyone knows how to have fun sometimes. Let us know what your favorite funny moments are in the comments below.

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