It is time, High Schoolers, to say goodbye to our characters. It’s been a long ride . . . a loong ride. If you’ve managed to stick with us since July, then grab your tissues and join Ekun, Taleena and myself as we finish what has been the longest Kdrama rollercoaster ride we’ve ever been on.

It’s happily ever after for Woo Hyun and Seul Bi’s friends. Yellow Bands United got their little slices of heaven. How did you guys feel about this?

Ekun: I was done. This couple experienced so much external drama, that I did not care. I totally could have watched a show about all the other couples though. And that good ole amnesia… *sigh* What else can I say?

Taleena: The whole show could have been about Hot Dog Girl and Thug #1 and i would have been Okay with that. They were cute and had actual obstacles to overcome.

Aunnie: I agree, Taleena. By the end, I feel like I was more invested in Hot Dog Girl and Cutie Thug.  Aside from that, I was just ready to say goodbye to all the characters so I just basically said "Aww, they all ended happily. Good riddance!"

It took two years before Woo Hyun and Seul Bi ran into each other and even though it wasn’t ‘love at first sight’ for the two--in fact, Seul Bi had the “hots” for Sung Yeol--she did eventually remember her love for Woo Hyun and they lived happily ever after. 

Ekun: If she had not lost her memory, and disappeared for two years, and Sung Yeol really did leave when he mentioned it the first time, they probably would have grown up and got married. At least that is the theory I am sticking with.

Taleena: So the only person who does not have a happy ending with the person he loves is Sung Yeol? Boo. C’mon writers you engineered happy endings for EVERYONE - including Jae Suk!! - and you couldn’t set Sung Yeol up with a girlfriend in two years? The trials of being a SLS.

Aunnie: I was just happy Sung Yeol got over Seul Bi. It would have been terrible if she'd come back into the scene and he fallen back into obsession with her. And sometimes, being a attention-seeking bachelor is better than being with a girl/women. I approved of him not needing anyone with him. I was annoyed with Sunbae at first and his needing Seul Bi to not be taken care of anyone but him for the first half of the episode though. I was thinking "C'mon already!" 

Despite Sunbae having a questionable character for most of the episode, side characters are people too and it seems even they got happy endings. F4 and all, however we didn’t see the nurse . . . does that mean the love tangle we saw at the beginning was all in our heads? 

Ekun: Sunbae and Ye Na?! I mean, isn’t he a bit older? I am all for it, but honestly it threw me. Like the show was trying to hurry up and pair off everyone but Sung Yeol… But he was fine with his bachelor ways so what can I say?

Taleena: It was poetic the way that Sunbae ended up with Ye Na, and I laughed my head off at Divorced Gym Teacher squealing over being compared to Joon Pyo.

Aunnie: Honestly, that was one of his funniest moments [Divorced Gym Teacher]. I was really glad that Sunbae had a new direction to head into--between being a new teacher and a possible relationship with Ye Na--I was just glad he came to his senses and stopped being a creeper on Seul Bi. (Also, anyone else laugh at how cool Seul Bi was at her "older brother" just leaving out of the blue?)

Last but not least . . . or maybe least . . . what did you think of the drama as a whole.

Ekun: It could have been something great. It was not horrible, but a bit too dramatic for a high school drama for me (and I saw Monstar!). The acting was good, the characters were… and the cinematography was nice. It took too long to get to a point that I am not certain I even believe it true. Oh well, at least Sung Yeol got over Seul Bi and told her off in the end.

Taleena: Overall I thought the drama was fun but forgettable. It had it’s moments - mostly due to Kim Sae Ron’s effervescent cuteness - but it suffered from a huge amount of bloat. If it had been 16 episodes instead of 20, dropped the bullying storylines, and created REAL tension over her Sparkle Dash Tattoo (or alternatively showed a genuine downside from her transition from angel to human) it would have improved a lot. As it was, it seems as if the writers couldn’t bear to make ANYONE a villain and so the conflict seemed pointless.

Aunnie: It definitely had it moments. It really just lost me around the episode 14 marker because then everything just kind of became redundant. That being said, I liked most of the characters (I could have withstood seeing Yoon Fabien a little more however), and the idea of the plot line was great but I felt like the writer's thought that Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol's fame would carry the drama (and I'm sure it did) so the story didn't need to be as good. It was unfortunate. 

It's over and we all sighed in relief over the ending. How was the show for you? Did you think it ended well? As well as could be expected? What did you think of it as a whole and would you recommend it to others. Please let us know in the comments and look forward to more Drama Clubs from Ekun, Taleena and I! We'll be back with other great new shows so stay up on Dramafever's latest news and look for us. We'd be happy to spend more time with each of you!

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