Tanya: Welcome to the Joseon Gunman drama club guys!

Zombie: I suppose before we get started we ought to take a second to introduce ourselves. Any volunteers to go first?

DD: Hello! I’m India, sometimes called Drama Debussie. That’s about it. Ha.

Tanya: I’m Tanya, the only one without a cool nickname. This one will be my fourth drama club! Woot!

Zombie: And I’m Leah, aka Zombie Mamma, this is my sixth Drama Club and since we’ve got four episodes to cover this week, I’ll end my introduction there so we can start talking about this rather fantastic drama. Well, I think it’s fantastic anyway… What do you two think?

DD: Holey donut holes, I love it!

Tanya: So far I like this show. It’s been endearing so far, but that leads me to be very suspicious. I know we’ll have to move into the drama part of this historical drama soon, but the relationship between the two leads is going so well even with the introduction of the young male scholar Kim Ho Kyung… Do we smell a love triangle happening?

Zombie: Oh, I’m pretty sure we smell a whole lot of stuff happening right now… Love triangles, plots for revenge, somewhere in there a sister is going to have to be rescued and I’m pretty sure there’s an emperor going to need saving before all is said and done but I’m kinda getting ahead of myself so I’ll tone it down, for now...

DD: I do find myself getting nervous at the speed of the story. From bickering to kissing in 4 episodes? What?!

Tanya: I think that has to be a record as far as Dramaland goes…. There aren’t very many stories that have the leads so involved so early unless you need romance of course.

Zombie: I’m not going to complain about the speed of the romance developing in these first four episodes because I really think we needed that so we can get to the good stuff later. This whole three years later thing means all of the characters have had time to take this initial relationship and grow/learn from it.

DD: True. Speedy romances can be a good thing. Of course killing awesome fathers is not cool at all!

Zombie: Seriously! Why much all the cool fathers in Drama Land die? Why can’t writers kill off the annoying mothers/mothers-in-law instead? I was really liking Park Jin Han.

DD: I appreciate that we’re getting a little of my sageuk faves in this show. A little Princess’ Man, a little The Moon Embraces the Sun, and a little Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It’s like a delicious sageuk bundt cake. Ugh, I must be hungry.

Tanya: I think there is a rule against too much awesome in the drama world. Yoon Kang’s father was pretty badass, so he had to go. As he said, there were two options: Give up the sword or die with it. Tragically, it was number two for him.

DD: To be fair, you can’t bring a sword to a gunfight, so if he wanted to die with his sword it may have been for the best.

Zombie: Speaking of gunfights, was anyone as excited to see Park Yoon Kang show up in that port wielding a gun as I was, ‘cause I was pretty much freaking out. Let the showdown begin!

DD: The glasses certainly didn’t hurt.

Tanya: Can we just not with the glasses? Let’s move on to something productive. What do we think is going to be Soo In’s next move?

Zombie: Get as many people in trouble as she possibly can? All unintentionally, of course, but still… She has a knack for getting people into trouble. Too bad she doesn’t have an equal knack for getting them out of trouble...

DD: I can honestly say I have no idea, but it can’t be good. I knew from the moment she couldn’t keep a small handgun in her hanbok she was going to be trouble.

Tanya: In her defense, those things don’t conveniently have pockets. Although she needed to not be so obvious with the “you’re touching my chest” thing. She probably wouldn’t have had butterfingers if she just ignored that.

Zombie: Maybe not but that still doesn’t erase the fact she nearly blew Yoon Kang’s face off. Seriously, if this girl is going to be handling a gun, she should at least know how to shoot it. This whole shooting with her eyes closed is going to get someone killed and it’s not going to be one of the bad guys.

DD: All good points but, to be fair, he brought a sword to a gunfight!

Zombie: I think this is an important lesson to learn here people… Don’t bring a sword to a gunfight!

Tanya: Can someone tell me why all bad guys in historical drama either have to: 1) look the same, or 2) sound like they’ve eaten toads?

DD: Right? Does anyone know how how many bad guys there actually are? Last I checked there were about ten. Of course I started to lose count and I may have counted one of the bad guys twice.

Zombie: I think it’s safe to say that anyone who isn’t Yoon Kang or Soo In, is probably a bad guy. I could probably throw Yeon Ha in there but seeing as we haven’t seen or heard anything from her in three years, at this point, it’s really hard to say so I’m just gonna go with everyone but our OTP is bad and leave it at that.

So tell us, what do you think of Joseon Gunman so far? Did you enjoy the first four episodes as much as we did? What did you love? What did you hate? Where do you see this story going from here? We’d love to hear what you’re thinking so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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