Tanya: Can I just... facepalm for a minute? Don't get me wrong! I love Joseon Gunman but there are so many "how are you not connecting the dots!?!" moments that I'm not even sure how to handle right now.We're just over the halfway point, and I don't even know how I'm going to deal with this for a few more weeks.

Zombie: I’ve opted for the more Zen-like path and have decided to just go with it. I do find it a bit frustrating that every time Yoon Kang and/or Won Shin seems to get the upper-hand, the other is right there, catching up and/or passing the other. It makes it very hard to keep up with things and quite frankly, after being on cold medicine for days, it’s just too much for my poor brain to handle. Maybe I’m crazy but I’d like for one of them to have a definite advantage over the other so we can just end this madness already!

I don’t know Zombie… At some point people just. need. to. get. it. I’m anticipating the end of this struggle, but I have a feeling it is not going to be happening anytime soon. It is the basis for the whole drama, but I will admit that I am actually a bit relieved to see Won Shin finally, and completely, turn to the dark side. He is tired of playing games and it is good because I am getting tired of watching games. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this ordeal and get it done!

Zombie: Yes please! I guess that’s what it all comes down to. I’m tired of the games and the plots and the schemes and such, I just want everyone to drop all of their pretenses and show up at some final showdown where they can duke it out and be done. I know that’s not very climactic and would probably make for a much less interesting drama but I get tired of cat-and-mouse games. I want definite sides and definite actions. Bring it on! On that note, I was happy that Hye Won finally decided she was tired of waiting on the sidelines and stepped up her game.

Tanya: Oh yes…. that totally needed to happen. Although now that we know her character better, I wish she would have been more direct with Soo In rather than throwing in all the unnecessary things about Ho Kyung. She is so willing to lay it out on the line to everyone else, why does she beat around the bush when it comes to Soo In? But, I digress… I’ll chalk it up to the time period and let it go.

Zombie: I’ll go along with that. Hye Won certainly has a talent for being nasty without actually being nasty, which is why I’m so conflicted about her. Do I like her? Do I hate her? I really can’t decide so I’m just kind of stuck somewhere in between. I suppose as we get closer to the end, she, like her father, will begin to gravitate more toward one side and then we’ll have a better understanding of who she is and whether or not we actually like her. (Or at least I’ll be able to decide if I like her or not.)

Tanya: I have to bring up that I am super happy Yoon Kang and Yeon Ha were reunited, but if your brother tells you to hide after saving you he probably has a good reason. Although his cover ended up being blown anyway, she could have ruined it!

Actually, she did ruin it as being spotted by Hye Won is what both saved Yoon Kang and trapped him. Had Yeon Ha stayed in hiding, Hye Won would have never been sure Yoon Kang was actually Yoon Kang and therefore she would have spoken up to her father only on behalf of Mr. Hanjo and would have never blackmailed Yoon Kang into giving up Soo In to be with her. Oh the joys of having a clueless little sister! I get that Yeon Ha was worried about her brother but she should’ve had the sense to stay put.

Tanya: It wouldn’t be a drama without some drama. Plus, we get the tangled web that the lead toad, as we have been calling him, weaves as Yoon Kang tries to figure out exactly who ordered his father’s death.

Zombie: There’s certainly a lot that has yet to be unraveled, which is a good thing, seeing as how we’ve still got eight episodes before the end. It means we’ll have plenty to talk about between now and then. Woohoo!

What do you think of the super eventful episodes we had this week? What will be Won Shin’s next move? Will Soo In give up on her pursuit of Yoon Kang now that Hye Won is in the picture? Will Han Jung Hoon be released from jail? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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