Mariam: Holy cow, Maids fans! Just when you think the story can’t get any twistier, Eun Ki has gone all Anakin Episode 3 on us! Get in here and discuss the romantic and the scary moments in this week's episodes!

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Mariam: OK, I’ve always been the pessimist about Eun Ki’s motives — but am I still the only one who thinks something very dark has happened to the former Disney Prince?

Tiara: He’s gone from a sweet gentleman to stalker. I’m not liking the reason behind why he’s turned all dark. At least Eun Ki’s father is out for revenge for his kin and country being destroyed, where Eun Ki is doing this because he can’t have the girl he desires.

Mariam:Yes! Yes exactly! Everyone time he talks to In Yub, it’s not about how much this sucks for her, its about how mad he is that she likes Moo Myung! What is this, Heirs? (OK, technically they are both heirs — forget I said that). He literally made her execution, that little talk they had about her dying, all about him? Darth Eun Ki. He’s gone Darth Eun Ki. Ok, I feel better now.

Tiara: What makes this situation worse is Eun Ki’s mom reminded him about all the good things in his life from a good family, to his education. His mom tries to get him to appreciate his lot in life because the one thing he can’t have is a girl. He really needs to move past this phase of whining about not being about to have his cake and eat it too. I just don’t understand why he can’t just stop being a baby and grow a pair.

Mariam: It was a shame he ignored, her, that was one of the rare times a parent in this show has said something you want the children to listen to.

Tiara: Finally, a good parent has been discovered. I cheered for Mom’s speech. But you’re totally right, this is the first time a parent gave good advice, unless you count leaving the servant to explain sex. I’m disappointed with him going down a dark road for the wrong reasons. Not getting the girl is not a valid ground to destroy people’s lives.

Mariam: Speaking of new and different parent/child relationships- this little snit of Eun Ki’s is not only ruining In Yub’s life, now he’s fake-saving-the-king so that he can ruin Moo Myung’s chance to have a father. Watching them do this back and forth between not really trusting each other, but maybe wanting to trust each other, was interesting.

Tiara: I’ve got some sage advice for the King spoken by Dr. House, “everybody lies”. I’m holding out hope the King realizes everyone in court is sprouting crap to control him or to save their butts. This week Eun Ki has stepped up his lying game, but he did learned the art of BSing from his father.

Mariam: And it seems like he’s learned from his wife the art of screwing people over.

He totally learned this smirk from the wife.

Tiara: Yoon Ok and Eun Ki belong together. Yoon Ok has taught her husband to be irritating. After these two episodes, I’m done and over Eun Ki.

Mariam: Plus, this week gave us so many cute Moo Myung/In Yub moments, that the Eun Ki/In Yub relationship is a thing of the past.

Tiara: Smooches!!!! OMG, he completely took me by surprise. What a kiss… Moo Myung and In Yub’s relationship has moved forward in a fabulous direction. You’re totally right about Moo Myung and In Yub together help us move away from the Eun Ki and In Yub. Of course, In Yub and the rest of us viewers where over them episodes ago.

Mariam: I like how, unlike Eun Ki, he really does seem to listen to her and value her opinion. The scene where she- kind of suicidally it seemed at the time- told him to go and meet his father, explaining about her father and what he meant to her, was so sweet. And he listens to her.

Tiara: The only time Eun Ki has listened to In Yub was in an episode last week when he ignored her for a little measure of time. She’s become a broken record trying to explain to Eun Ki to move on.

Mariam: I was so proud of her when she totally ignored the injured Eun Ki during his fake “save the king” moment. He was so mad, all she was worried about was Moo Myung. Suck it, Eun Ki.

Tiara: The scene totally reminded me of Disney’s Pocahontas, when John Smith almost got his head bashed in, but saved by the last second from Pocahontas.

Mariam: I was just thinking that!

Tiara: In Yub blocking Moo Myung from his father’s sword was a great scene. The bond these two have for one another just continues to grow. Another of my favorite scenes, this week is when Moo Myung went to In Yub to ask her what he should do about finding out who his father. 

He may have betrayed her again, but he was willing to tell her the truth. He laid out all his fears and worries. He no longer desires to hide from In Yub. Unlike Eun Ki, who is attempting to keep his skeletons in the closet. I speculate what In Yub will do to him when she finds out his father was behind her father’s death and her fall from grace.

Mariam: She will probably forgive him, because she doesn’t have my thirst to see him kicked in the face. I also loved how, when they are on the run, the end up hiding in the sex grotto. Because, really, whenever In Yub is in trouble, that’s the only place she ends up.

Tiara: The action of the sex grotto continues, which leads me to Dan Ji being pregnant. This isn’t going to end well. I’m having Ok Yi flashbacks. Also with Poong Yi being “forgiven”, he may be asked to kill again. Talk about a character who needs to be kicked in the face.

Mariam: Poor Dan Ji- and you can see that’s exactly what her mom thinks will happen to her. She seems to think she can come up with a solution. I kind of hope she decides to marry that nice butcher. Hasn’t Yoon Seo shown her that he’s an incompetent idiot enough times already for her to realize he will be of no help?

Tiara: Apparently, Dan Ji has false hope things will turn out different. Her plan on showing Lady Kang isn’t a good wife won’t make much of a difference. Yoon Seo maybe an idiot, but he’s happy with the news of becoming a father. However, he’s not going to be able to keep Dan Ji and his child safe. If he cared for Dan Ji, he wouldn’t touch her, but that’s another story.

Mariam: Right? It seems like her plan is to somehow get Lady Kang kicked out for her gambling habit, but I don’t think even if it happened that would help her situation. Except that Yoon Seo will go from having two women to none. Just marry Duk Swe, he’s quiet, but I bet he’s smarter than Yoon Seo.

Tiara: Agree. He's sweet on her. It would be safer for Dan Ji to give in marry Duk Swe and forget about Yoon Seo. Switching topics, Moo Myung knows the King is his father. Will he betray the Finance Minister and Man Wol and become a Prince or will he die a traitor?

Mariam: I think, if he finds out that the King didn’t actually kill his mother- and that Man Wol has been lying to him to turn him into Joseon River Song a person whose entire purpose is to kill- he’d turn on Man Wol. He’s already bent the rules so many times for In Yub, he’s practically there.

Tiara: I'm hoping you're right. The Finance Minister has been lying to Moo Myung since the beginning. The Finance Minister raised the King’s son to destroy him not because he cared for Moo Myung’s mom. If he did, he would’ve put him in the position to kill his father. Heck, he killed the Head Maid because she couldn’t go through with the plan.

Mariam: It was sad when Moo Myung asked about her, you could tell he wanted her to be alive. But, that new carrot the Finance Minister is dangling- We’ll make you the King, doesn’t really sound like the kind of thing Moo Myung is interested in. I don’t see him going all power mad.

Tiara: Apparently, the Finance Minister doesn’t know Moo Myung. He doesn’t want the ability of being King. Of course, Eun Ki is whispering sweet nothings to the King about Moo Myung wanting his throne. This is not a game to take the throne. Nevertheless, the King appears to be buying it.

Mariam: Eun Ki, who immediately abused power as soon as he was given it. I’m hoping that the King is also suspicious of Eun Ki.

Tiara: You would think the King would be suspicious of everyone considering how he gained the throne. I don’t think he told his dad to give up the throne nicely.

Mariam: But now the King’s special Lady friend is ALSO aware that Eun Ki is a dirty dirty no good lowdown dirty liar. Hopefully she decides to let him in on the truth- it would mean her deciding to protect Moo Myung over helping Man Wol though.

Tiara: Ga Hee A will be on Moo Myung’s side. Considering she use to be his first love until the Finance Minister sent her away, I don’t see her being a jealous ex.

Mariam: I hope so- actually I assumed she was going to be the jealous ex, based on the show description, it has been a pleasant surprise to see her not used that way. Plus, now that Eun Ki went over the Dark Side, our heroes need some allies outside the servant quarters.

Tiara: Nope, the jealous ex title goes to Eun Ki. He’s just on my list of characters I wish kick the bucket by the end of the drama.

Mariam: Speaking of the servants, I like how they dealt with Dan Ji’s mom’s confession.

Tiara: The compassion In Yub has grown to have for everyone is one of the qualities I love about her character. She’s no longer the same girl who threw a fit in episode one.

Mariam: I just love it when the girls support each other, like when Dan Ji and Sa Wol packed In Yub’s lunch. It’s bad enough being in a Joseon prison, and they have to get their own food?

Tiara: Dan Ji, Sa Wol, and In Yub may have had their differences in the past and have grown into not just friends, but a family. It’s really great to see the friendship and care they have for each other. When In Yub got a rock thrown at her, both ladies rushed forward to protect and care for her.

Mariam: I like their scenes the best. So much that I can forgive the writers for somehow making the Defense Minister's house the only place in the entire country where In Yub ends up, no matter how many times she’s sold, imprisoned, or runs away. Some of my favorite scenes happen in that kitchen. Like Poong Yi being expelled from the men’s dorm like the rat he is.

Tiara: We were so close to getting rid of Poong Yi. Why or why do the drama gods hate us?

Mariam: They kill the people we like, and pardon the rat faced bastards we want eviscerated. He could still die, there are a lot of episodes left, and he’s both heartless and kind of stupid.

Tiara: My fingers are crossed for Poong Yi to be put down like the dog he is. Speaking of dog, Yoon Ok’s face when she finds out Moo Myung is a Prince will be priceless.

Mariam: I hadn’t thought of that. Good, now I have something to look forward to. I kind of want him to be the one to tell her. Like she’s about to go into some rant and he’s finally in a position where he can tell her to shut up or she’ll be beheaded.

Tiara: Moo Myung’s identity being released will be all kinds of fun to watch what our cast of character will do. If Moo Myung brings the King the snake of Man Wol’s head, In Yub will go back to her status from before. There better be a wedding.

Mariam: A nice one for a change. Where nobody is arrested. And Yoon Ok has to bow to her.

Tiara: Bloodshed is okay if it happens to be Yoon OK’s or Eun Ki.

Mariam: They should be executed after the wedding. So they have to watch.

Tiara: Oooh, the best wedding present ever!!!

Mariam: And Poong Yi, there needs to be at least three executions so no one thinks it’s dull.

Tiara: It wouldn’t be a good wedding without three deaths, at least.

Well, we have our wish list, what about you Maids fans? Do you think Eun Ki will redeem himself enough to have one Vader like moment of usefullness and remorse before he does us all a favor and dies, or will he go to his grave winging and unrepentant? Do you agree that Dduk Swe, being sweet natured, respectful, and not a murderer, might actually be the biggest catch on this show? Let us know in the comments, and untill next time, watch more dramas!

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