Episode 14 of Modern Farmer has Handooroki sending an unusual contestant to the talent show, Han Chul makes a breakthrough in his own relationship, and a ghost from the past comes to stir up trouble.  Join Wendilynn, Aunnie and Taleena as we contemplate parents and children — and Chocolate Fondue.


It’s Ki Joon’s Birthday and His Mom calls. Looks like Ki Joon has not been entirely up front with his parents.

Taleena: Proving that Ki Joon's path is still the easiest of the four boys, because in K dramas the easier the romance, the less difficult your overall life is. Amiright?

Aunnie: I had a feeling she’d show up and when she did, I was like . . . huh, wonder how they’re going to get out of this one. I did feel bad for her though because she was kind enough to bring all this food out for his bday and he’s been lying to her about what he’s been up too. I’m glad he was finally able to tell her exactly how he felt and she was receptive to it.

Wendilynn: I don’t like that that he lied to his parents, but what else is a kid supposed to do when your parents have decided your career for you and its absolutely the wrong one for you?


The Muralist catches a fever.

Aunnie: I was glad she got sick. Not because I don’t like her (although I’m still undecided considering how indifferent she is to his awkward sweetness) but because it gave Han Chul the chance to be serious with her and show her the real him rather than this overly goofy front he’s been doing.

Taleena:OMO, Han Chul is sweet but DIM. I fully expected him to find all those sweet potatoes like Fibber McGee. Hooray for him that he got a thermos of hand made porridge just for him!

Wendilynn::  He really is a total sweety, but if he really “cleaned up” the place he should have found all those bags of sweet potatoes in the closet. lol I had to laugh though when he found the map. (rolls eyes) COME ON! get a clue.. she’s not looking for sweet potatoes.


Gossipy Ahjummah finds In Ki’s voice as smooth as honey

Wendilynn: The Gone with the Wind music really was perfect. I find these two just so funny. He’s all mellow and sweet and she is just melting like honey.

Aunnie: Okay, so . . . was shocked by my reaction. Normally I hate scenes like this but I think even I was taken in by his voice in that scene. It might have something to do with his previous grunting communication but even I’d swoon over the Ahjusshi.

Taleena: Dear Show: I thought that the Kimbap with Eyes would the high point. Then you gave me Lee Hong Ki in an Apple Hat. This episode I got Gossip Ahjummah and In Ki with Gone With The Wind music. Thank you from the depths of my heart.


Just stab me in the heart, it would hurt less.

Taleena:: Arrgghh! This is so hard! Guys being sweet and caring to a child, is guaranteed to make the heart flutter, flutter. BUT How do you tell a kid that cute not to get their hopes up. I am not even counting the Yoon Hee/Hyuk romance I am hoping for, just the ounch, ounch, OUNCH! Of this adorable little boy craving an active, engaged dad. Something tells me the little boy's heartache will be worse than any of the adults involved.

Wendilynn: This is always hard when you’re a single mom. You want your son to have a good man in his life to look up to, but when you know that person is only going to be a short visitor in their life, you worry that it will hurt them to get attached. But, then will it hurt them to not have a good memory of a man they were close to? I totally felt for Noona here.

Aunnie: Danger Danger Will Robinson! Danger! *heart breaks* On one side, GREAT that this kid has a male figure in his life (besides his wussy great uncle) BUT on the other hand, I’m am TOTALLY with Yoon Hee on this subject. Unless you plan on staying, you cannot let this go any further or this boy will be damaged for life. Poor Min Ki doesn’t quite understand, he’s just being nice to the kid, but as a parent, your need jerk reaction is to protect your kid from impending pain. And THIS will be painful.


Ki Joon’s Momma pays a visit; Bool Ja saves Ki Joon’s relationship bacon.

Aunnie: Still no. I don’t care. Still hecks no. Chocolate, yes. Seaweed, yes. Seaweed, chocolate fondue? Absolutely not. However, if i had to chose between Ramen pops and this . . . I’d still pick ramen pops. No reason to ruin chocolate for life.

Wendilynn: Poor Ki Joon. He’s had a rough birthday. I knew he was dead the minute his mom started talking to Gossip Ajumma. I liked his mom though. She clearly loves her son and its good he finally could stand up to her and tell her what he wanted. That ginseng gift that Booja helped him give to his mom just made me feel all gooey and sweet.  Speaking of gooey and sweet. Chocolate seaweed? Don’t bad cooks EVER try their own food? Thankfully, it turned out well for once, but then you find out she almost used jelly. (gag) lol

Taleena: Just for a minute my brains said: "Sweet, salty, yeah OK, I get where you are coming from. Like maple and pork." Then reality returned and my brain replied, "No! the associations are wrong. WRONG! Chocolate and ANYTHING that has ever rubbed up against a fish is just wrong." Look, I know there isn't a fish taste in seaweed, but my little western brain thinks there is therefore my stomach rebels.


And Ki Joon’s Momma isn’t the only one visiting.

Taleena: Drama, I knew you would do this to me. I knew it. i warned you not to but you just couldn't listen.  Now we are going to have the turn where in Min KI's White Knight instincts will make him leap into action on behalf of Yoon Hee. Just please, don't toy with Min Ho's heart.

Aunnie: NOOOOOOOOOOO! That was my literal reaction. No . . no . . no, I don’t even need to know what happened between this guy and Yoon Hee to know that this man should not be in this town right now. At least she has four boys around her to protect her. Well . . . five, including her brother.

Wendilynn: What the hell? He’s all happy to see her. Did he not know he left her with a son?!! “I’m going to have a fling with you and disappear for 7 years but hey… lets meet up again like it was just yesterday, okay? sweet!” (facepalm)  I don’t know where this will go, but Man Goo still stole the show these two episodes. Watching the town laugh themselves silly as he falls because of that apple hat had me rolling. This actor is just so good. And Min Ki’s face when he saw Noona all pretty in white. The boy was struck dumb to be sure. That doesn’t bode well for Hyuk. I realized that Hyuk needs to stop treating Noona like he’s the son and she’s the Mom. He needs to stop the little kid act and just be his awesome grown up self. THAT would impress her. Cause when he drops that act, he’s really cool. As the little kid, he’s just annoying. 

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