Take off your laughing caps, Farmers because we're heading into seriousness territory in Hadoorokri and our poor villagers lives are getting a little rockier each minute. Join Taleena, Wendilynn and I as we navigate the rocky road that has become Modern Farmer. 

The price of cabbage drops dramatically and leaves the boys basically as penniless as they were when they started out . . . and the dream of producing a new album goes up in flames. To say it adds fuel the tension between our boys is putting it lightly. Min Ki's optimistic attitude takes a definite downward turn.

Taleena: We knew, knew, that Min Ki was going to be hosed putting all his eggs in the cabbage basket - to mix a metaphor. Just like Han Chul’s inevitable cancer reveal it was hard watching. If he wasn’t living under the looming threat of forced kidney donation, Min Ki’s irrepressible spirit could be as philosophical as Man Goo's. As it was, it was pretty sad to see Min Ki crying by the harvested cabbages.

Wendilynn: All I could think of when I saw this part was, “What will he tell the gangsters now?”  

Aunnie: I was honestly devastated by Min Ki's devastation in this episode. Watching him always look for the silver-lining no matter the obstacles and then to finally see him crumble was really, really hard. (Just another kudos moment for Lee Hong Ki's acting, really) He really did try even after that to do his best with selling but then to have his entire crop confiscated by the patrol was so disheartening. By the way . . . while harvesting, how did the boys miss the big pile of money on their land? 

Bool Ja is forced to leave the village when “Board Patrol” investigates Hadoorokri and she is very  nearly caught. This leaves Ki Joon, and the rest of the audience, distraught and besides himself.

Taleena:Ki Joon and Bool Ja step forwards and backwards so much it’s like a cha-cha. I was half expecting Ki Joon to tell the border patrol guys that Bool ja was his wife. I must admit to laughing at the tender flashbacks of snake bite, sunburned rally salvation, and being buried under a huge pile of feed bags.

Wendilynn: This episode was just a rough episode. My heart broke for Ki Joon. They had finally started to hold hands and he loses her. And if it wasn’t kdramaland, the chances of them meeting up again would be very small. But since it is kdramaland and a comedy, I will keep my fingers crossed for them.

Aunnie: I was not prepared for this new development and it definitely pulled on the heartstrings. The whole scene where Ki Joon was skipping happily away from their "date" and then to see her basically running for her life had me sitting on the edge of my seat saying "Run! Run!" They have grown exponentially in my heart since the disastrous beginning and now I'm dependent on them to have a happy ending. 

Hanchul finally woos “Said Strumpet” after his “Designer Job” on her portfolio and manages to incur some reciprocal feelings in return . . . until he takes it to the next level. Sadly, his first kiss doesn't go as planned. 

Taleena: Honestly, Han Chul’s endeavours to kiss the Muralist held no charm for me this week. However, accidently kissing Grandpa Mo? Priceless.

Wendilynn: We’ve said before that Han Chul has no game, but it even went backwards with his first kiss being stolen. I felt so bad for him but also laughed myself silly. It was nice to see that “said strumpet” really does care about him, even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

Aunnie: The second he asked Ki Joon for advice, I knew Han Chul was doomed to fail. And fail he did . .  .spectacularly. I love that Grandpa Mo is so nonchalant about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. he encounters and apparently kissing men just isn't phase-worthy. I was kind of hoping he'd reveal his cancer to Soo Yeon and that maybe that'd incur a kiss but alas, Han Chul insists on learning the hard way. 

Yoo Na puts her foot down on the whole Min Ki/Yoon Hee romance and tells him straight out “I want to be the person you lean on, not Yoon Hee”. Will it work?

Taleena: Props to Yoo Na for being straightforward. Now she needs to say something to Yoon Hee. And for the Love of MIKE stop hinting around with Hyuk- I want to know what went on!

Wendilynn: I’m glad Yoo Na finally said something, but she has a long ways to go. I’m enjoying the more mature Hyuk that has been showing up the last couple of episodes. He is finally looking like someone who can be a good fit for Noona. But even he knew when to step back during that cabbage cry scene.

Aunnie: I actually like Min Ki and Yoo Na together (even though I highly doubt they'll work out). They show a lot of maturity because they really do know how to communicate, they ask questions of each other that mos Kdrama couples don't, they rarely have miscommunication, and they're honest with each other. I kind of expected that she'd run away back to Seoul after that phone call with the president but I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't. Again, these two have more maturity than most Kdrama couples. 

Let’s talk about how close this Village has gotten with everyone: Between attempting to stop the Border Partrol from getting Bool Ja, and everyone banding together to help our boys harvest their crop, everyone wanting to help Yoon Hee’s pain over seeing Min Ho’s father again, is there anything we can really hate about this village?

Taleena: As soon as the boys got help harvesting the cabbage, their place in the village was cemented. My brain has gone on in a happy little path of its own forecasting what I think should happen in the future for these people--Including visits by Uncle Min Ki to a happily married Yoon Hee and Hyuk. Make it happen show! Make it happen.

Wendilynn: Yup, they are a part of this village now. They have a home now even if they don’t realize it. I’ve come to really like this village. All these quirky characters really make it fun.

Aunnie: With all the different personalities, it's really cool when moments like this happen, and they're of one goal--unity. I like what Man Goo said "What else am I going to do but drink Makgeolli all day" as if he doesn't have his own crops to worry about and a finicky sister to look after. It was really heartwarming.

Prepare yourselves, Farmers, I don't think it's going to get any easier for the people of Hadoorokri any time soon, and especially not for our EXO boys. Will Bool Ja and Ki Joon have a grand reunion or is it over for them? Will Han Chul ever reveal his cancer? Better yet, will Soo Yeon forgive his kissing faux pas? Stay tuned  and we'll find out in Episode 18 of Modern Farmer. 

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