Welcome everyone, I hope you have your suits and dresses ready because its time for a funeral service in episode 4 of Mr. Baek. In order to save his company from greedy relatives, Go Bong must die and Shin Hyung must take over. So get your best dress on and beware of doctors with illegal drugs and a defibrillator while Amy and I conspire to figure out what the Old Man will do next.

Wendilynn: I really liked this episode. The Old Man had a plan and boy was it a doozy.

Amy: I have mixed feelings about this episode because I don’t like to see my Dae Han sad but what can you do? It had to happen. I think Old Man didn’t really have another choice since he can’t really trust anyone else to take over his company.

Wendilynn: I understand Dae Han indifference now. When he tried to buy his Dad’s time as a kid to get his attention and the Old Man just ridiculed it, that makes it very clear who or what is important. And it was never Dae Han.

Amy: Poor kid. I can’t like that. I think Old Man is opening his eyes, though, so hopefully their relationship will improve.

Wendilynn: I’m hoping he does eventually, but its not yet. He still thinks his son is irresponsible, when in reality, his son hates that company and will give it away first because it was always more important than him.

Amy: I can’t say that I wouldn’t feel the same as Dae Han. I would be ready to get rid of that company too.

Wendilynn: Its interesting that the character we’ve been encouraged to side with is Dae Han. I’m not really on the Old Man’s side yet.

Amy: I can understand where Old Man is coming from and why he does things the way he does but I don’t agree with it. It will be nice to see both Old Man and Dae Han growing up so to speak as the series goes on.

Wendilynn: I have to hand it to Lee Joon, that boy spent a lot of time crying in this episode and it was real every stinking time. First the suicide note….then everything else. Did you catch that errant tear when he was in his Dad’s room and laid back on the bed?

Amy: Yes! It made me want to cry with him. Lee Joon is doing a really good job of pulling me in. This is the first drama I’ve seen him in. What about Ha Soo? I didn’t expect her reaction to be that strong when Go Bong passed away.

Wendilynn: She is a kind person with a heart of gold. I did expect her to think of the good things she had experienced up to that point with Go Bong. Its why both men have made her a person they can trust. I have to hand it to her, when the rumors started and Dae Han confronted her in jealousy, she gave him a well deserved slap in the face. He had a lot of nerve saying what he did after everything they’ve been through.

Amy: I’m sure you’re right but I don’t remember exactly what he said. Oops. Hee hee! Dae Han does tend to get too angry and jump to conclusions.

Wendilynn: Once Shin Hyung showed up, accusing her of jumping beds to get power… ooooh boy. She sure has taken a lot of crap from these children she is stuck playing with.

Amy: Ooooooooooh!! Yes. I remember now. Yeah. That wasn’t cool. He definitely needed that wake up call. I think father and son have trouble listening to and understanding people. Old Man more than Dae Han. At least Dae Han realized what vultures his family members are.

Wendilynn: What did you think of that scene where the Old Man comes in as Shin Hyung claiming to be an illegitimate child. OOOOOH boy…..

Amy: I just.*Sigh* The words don’t want to come. You know, I can understand why he thought that he needed to do that but poor Dae Han. Like, did you not think about what that would do to him? Did Old Man really expect Dae Han to just accept it? I don’t think he did but man. I would be all kinds of angry if I were Dae Han.

Wendilynn: the Old Man is such a stickler for propriety, this will be a hard pill for any of them to swallow, but the sucker punch to Dae Han is the roughest. I just hope that the Old Man provided the necessary info in Canada to pass the investigation. Whether I like or hate what he’s doing, I agree that taking back his company is the only thing he can reasonably do right now.

Amy: Yeah. Does he have connections in Canada? I would hope so since he chose that country. I agree that it is the only reasonable thing he can do for his company right now. He doesn’t have anyone around him who is good enough to run it.

Wendilynn: If I wasn’t prejudiced against the lawyer, I’d want him to have it because he has run the company, following the Old Man’s orders up to this point. Even when the brother tried to feel him out about becoming his man, he turned him down. But I know he wants the company for himself and he wants Manager Hong as his wife and he wants to get rid of Dae Han, so he’s on my naughty list.

Amy: Yeah. The lawyer has something up his sleeve but I don’t know what it is yet. I do get excited every time I see him though. It’s fun to watch Suk Won play a bad boy character. I’m wondering if Ji Yoon has feelings for him or anyone else and if she does what exactly is holding her back.

Wendilynn: That’s a good question. Somebody holds her heart, she is just too loyal, but who is it?

Amy: I guess we’ll have to wait. Stupid waiting. Speaking of waiting, in the last episode we saw Old Man when he was younger waiting outside of Ha Soo’s mom’s tailor shop and then in this episode she mentioned that he came by for suits as a young man. Do you think there is more to that story?

Wendilynn: I would LOVE to know what that story is. And if that connection adds to Ha Soo’s attraction and reliability.

Amy: That may have something to do with it. Do you think there is a connection with how Ha Soo’s father died and Old Man? I may be reaching but I’m thinking that there might be.

Wendilynn: ooooh, now there’s an interesting theory. Boy, there are all sorts of questions this drama is raising for us to wait to answer. I agree….dumb waiting. *chuckles*

Amy: A week is too loooooooong! So I’m wondering what the medicine was that Old Man took to fake his death and why the doctor had it.

Wendilynn: Doctors have access to all sorts of things that will kill us. lol Them trying revive him was pretty funny, and also I found it funny that when they were all blubbering over the body, Sung wouldn’t let them see any other part of his body nor did he want them to linger since they only had 20 minutes to save him.

Amy: Yeah. If they accidentally got a look underneath that sheet they would not have seen an old man’s body. It was pretty humorous to watch them trying to kick the family out without being rude.

Wendilynn: I had to laugh when the DNA results showed up. We’ve seen enough dramas to know that parent/child comes to 99%. That paper was 100%. I have a funny feeling that will come in handy later. LOL!!

Amy: Ha ha! The look on Dae Han’s face when he read that though. Man. I can’t imagine being in that situation. I was surprised Yi Joon was willing to kick Old Man out of the house after he showed up. She actually went against Old Man’s wishes. I guess she’s just trying to protect Dae Han.

Wendilynn: I would agree she is very protective of him. If Dae Han is who has her heart, she can’t be all that happy about his preference for Ha Soo. When he went to go find Ha Soo after insulting her, I was so moved by that last scene.

Amy: I know! Me too. I got a little teary. I couldn’t handle sad Dae Han anymore.

Wendilynn: I know what you mean. Then they gave us not only sad Dae Han, but angry/sad Ha Soo and then the Old Man was looking on with tears in his eyes. I was like…. oh no. What the hell?!!

Amy: I know! We didn’t even get a preview for the next episode. I DON’T LIKE WAITING! Ha ha! Maybe it finally hit Old Man that his son actually does care about him.

Who has the ball and what court is it in?  We have no idea.  Its anyone's game now that the Old Man has tossed in himself to take over the company.  What are your thoughts on what we've learned so far?  Leave your comments below. 

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