Zombie: Wow! What a week! If the feels from this week’s episodes don’t get to you, you’re in worse shape than Hee Kyung was at the end of episode fourteen! Just sayin’...

Gina: And even though episode 14 seemed mostly like a bit of a filler episode, it was still great. And episode 15 completely made up for it!

Zombie: I felt the same way about episode fourteen at first but since it gave us a long look at Min Joon as the totally unhindered and infuriated alien of awesomeness that he usually keeps so well hidden, I didn’t mind at all.

Gina: So true! The way that Min Joon came into Jae Kyung’s office and rained havoc down on him was amazing!

Zombie: I particularly enjoyed the part when Jae Kyung was hanging in mid-air, off the rooftop with nothing but Min Joon’s will keeping him from plummeting to his death. Oh how I wanted Min Joon’s powers to fail at that moment… It would have made life so much easier for everyone!

Gina: Also! After Min Joon lets Jae Kyung fall off the roof, I loved how he left him suspended in midair for a few seconds! And I’m sure that people saw! I wonder what they were thinking?!

Zombie: I’m sure they had thoughts but they probably don’t compare to those racing around in Hee Kyung’s head at the moment. What a way to wake up! Hey, guess what? My big brother is a psycho killer and he’s after me and the girl I love! Woo-hoo!

Gina: That poor boy! He’s probably going crazy thinking about how many awful things that his brother has done. He’s definitely even more scared about him trying to hurt both Song Yi and himself again!

Zombie: I feel even worse for him because now that Min Joon has proven to Song Yi he really does have feelings for her, there’s not a chance she’ll ever think of Hee Kyung as anything but a friend.

Gina: I don’t think she’ll be able to forget how Min Joon literally swept her off her feet into that kiss!

Zombie: Between that kiss and the return of her dad, Song Yi has a lot to process at the moment. On the upside, they’re both very happy things to process. I love that her dad has returned, toting chicken and beer, no less, and that it seems he’s back to say. I really hope Song Yi’s broken family can find a way to heal itself as this story progresses. I know we’ve only got four weeks left but that’s more than enough time to get things headed in the right direction.

Gina: Definitely! I hope that Song Yi’s family does get some sort of closure. I also hope that both Song Yi and Yoo Jae will be able to get to know their father more. We only saw a bit of Yoon Jae’s reaction to his father’s return. But we can be sure that when they finally talk it out, there will be tears on our end at least!

Zombie: Oh no doubt though I have a horrible feeling many more tears will be shed at the end of this whole thing, either because Min Joon leaves Song Yi for his home-world or because Min Joon and Song Yi find a way to live happily ever after. *fingers crossed* I’m not sure whether I’ll be shedding tears of frustration or joy at the end of this drama but I’m pretty sure I’ll be shedding them, one way or another.

How about you? Are you preparing yourself for the waterworks we Drama Clubbers are predicting lie ahead? Do you think this story will end in tears or will it go another way? What do you think about the return of Song Yi's dad? Do you think he's back for good or was this just a chance meeting? What about Jae Kyung? Do you think his evil scheme will work or will Min Joon be able to stop him without resorting to murder? There's so much to talk about so be sure to leave your comments below!

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