Welcome back, Music Majors, to the ninth lesson of Tomorrow’s Cantabile. Misunderstandings abound, and once again our hero finds it impossible to explain his actions to the people who matter most. Convinced that his motives are cold and self-serving, both S and A Orchestras unite against Yoo Jin. His daring plan to save both orchestras is met with mistrust and a stubborn boycott, and it looks like everyone will lose . . . until Nae Il’s love and faith win out. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we discuss the emotional developments that move our characters from mutual betrayal to the path towards triumph.

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Wendilynn: At the start of this episode, everyone is feeling betrayed. Yoo Jin is so misunderstood.

Cici: It was particularly disturbing the way Nae Il demonstrated her loss of trust in him. Just when he was about to tell her that he could understand and could identify with her fears, Yoon Hoo has to come along and provide a perfect place for her to hide.

Firnlambe: My heart literally lurched when the music changed and Nae Il pulled away from Yoo Jin. I felt so bad for him, granted he did this to himself when he decided to stay quiet about his intentions, but still!!

Cici: I think if Nae Il had been in a position to be paying more attention to his expressions, rather than being so focused on her own fear, she would have noticed that he regretted pushing her to take the lesson with Professor Do. I understand why she couldn’t, but it was so ironic that the one time her focus was needed, it was elsewhere. And it all just spiraled down from there.

Firnlambe: I agree . . . but we had to have someone be oblivious in this episode. Isn't it an unspoken K-rule?

Wendilynn: He has pretty much ignored many of her needs and feelings for what he felt was best. He does think of her as a child and she finally realized it this episode. She finally realized she needs to grow up. That conversation she had with herself was very interesting.

TCe9 Just a Kid.jpg

Cici: It did make me wonder just how much she is able to control herself when it comes to her personal demons, though. On the one hand she claims that she can’t help being terrified, and then she’s telling herself, “Let’s not do that anymore.” Somehow I don’t think dealing with deep-seated scars is actually that simple.

Firnlambe: Oh I was really impressed by that whole communication with herself, it was done in such a natural way nothing really felt out of place and it all made perfect sense.

Wendilynn: Very natural.

Firnlambe: Know what else was natural . . . . Yoo Jin’s eternal “shunning”. I can totally see why ‘S’ Orchestra feels betrayed and why ‘A’ Orchestra does, too. Granted ‘A’ has a totally different scale of worry, but it still all boils down to them misunderstanding Yoo Jin.

Cici: Well, everyone was shocked that both orchestras were dissolved. Their expressions, though . . . LOL

Ep9-Orchestra Dissolution.jpg

Wendilynn: I personally think that the Dean and Yoo Jin have found a great way to compromise if they are going to insist on only having one orchestra. (which is ludicrous to start with) That Yoo Jin believes in the players of S orchestra is something they had to learn on their own.


Firnlambe: I really do wish that ‘S’ Orchestra had more faith in themselves.

Cici: It’s totally understandable that they feel threatened. They’ve been considered leftovers their whole lives. But I really wish they had more faith in Yoo Jin. You’d think that after all the time they spent together, they’d realize that he had their best interests at heart. On the other hand . . . considering his difficulty in sharing his feelings, maybe not.

Wendilynn: Understand Mr. Tight Lips? Not really. But I like that they had to work to understand each other this episode. Yoo Jin was surprised at just how much they distrusted him. Their boycott caught EVERYONE by surprise.

Cici: I really appreciated how both orchestras came together for that. It surprised me, honestly. I almost expected one side to break the boycott on the sly, just so they could be the only ones auditioning.

Wendilynn: The students have a valid reason for being upset and feeling played. In both orchestras.

Cici: Well, I thought a blind audition sounded very fair, at least till I realized that the judges would be able to tell who was playing without seeing them. That made me wonder how anyone was going to be accepted by both judges.

Firnlambe: Well Professor Ahn would be fair no matter what, it's Professor Do that we have to worry about. Though if the students hadn’t started the stupid boycott then they would have a harder time picking out who was who.

Wendilynn: Professor Do ignores the leftovers. He’s in for a massive surprise because he probably isn’t up on what they can currently do after all Yoo Jin has done for them to improve their skills.

Firnlambe: I am sooooooo looking forward to seeing him get floored by their improvements.

Cici: ‘S’ orchestra isn’t the only thing out there improving. How about Rak? He was SO CUTE this episode.


Wendilynn: Rak was sweet. The whole Romeo and Juliet theme was so adorkable.


Cici: And his talk with his Dad was just one more time that I loved that pairing. They are hysterical together. Rak is all, “It’s so dark and gloomy” and his dad just says it’s because it’s night. Bwahahah. And then Rak goes off to sulk, but not without promising his dad that he’ll “be nice to him later.” I laughed so hard at that! I love these two!


Firnlambe: Omg this parent-child relationship is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama. I particularly like that Rak’s father is seeing so many similarities in his son with his own experience with his wife.

Wendilynn: Agreed, this is one of the best parent/child gems we have seen in dramas lately.

Cici: Rak’s character has also really grown in the way he deals with Yoo Jin. He’s no longer the fawning fan-boy, but is willing to stand up to him and challenge his intentions. It takes courage to show someone you consider your superior your disappointment or distrust. He pretty well summed up all of ‘S’ orchestra’s concerns when he confronted Yoo Jin about the blind audition.


Wendilynn: Agreed, they have had to learn to be brave this episode. We’ll see if that carries over into the next episode where we get to see the auditions.

Cici: Well, hopefully Yoo Jin will get his “dream” orchestra. Although eliminating Yoon Hoo with a wave of his arm may be just a tad too personal, lol.

Firnlambe: Honestly, I'm thinking Yoon Hoo will self destruct before Yoo Jin can cast him off. I don’t think his hand will let him play much longer.


Cici: I think you’re right. His plea with Nae Il to play a duet with him was heart-wrenching. Of course he doesn’t tell her the real reason why he’s “desperate”, but it’s obviously because he knows his playing days are numbered.

Firnlambe: What’s with our leading males and their need to be so secretive in this series?

Wendilynn: I found Yoo Jin wishing Yoon Hoo away from his dream orchestra funny because he has several jealousy moments in this show. He was forced to face how he feels in this episode. While my heart is breaking that Yoon Hoo’s hand is getting worse faster than his heart wants, I agree that his injury will impair him. I just hope he gets his dream play with Nae il before that happens. As for Yoo Jin and his feelings, I like that this more “grown up” version of Nae il called him out on not apologizing to her when he was careless with her feelings.


Cici: That was a pretty profound lesson she taught him, and one that he really needed. So many people apologize that way . . . I’m sorry, but . . . Just stop! No buts!

Firnlambe: I'm loving this strong side of Nae Il, that forces men to realize their wrongdoings . . . . I just hope she won't revert back once the waters smooth over.

Wendilynn: Yeah, fake apologies don’t fly. That scene at the end where he sincerely apologizes to her just melted my heart. His little talk with Milch made him face why he tries so hard to help Nae il be great. Why he makes moves that he thinks are in her best interest but that don’t respect her feelings.

Cici: It is understandable that he hates to see her “waste” her talent. But it is even more important that he is learning to recognize what she wants to do with her own life, and that it may not be what everyone else wants. It’s her life and her decision.

Wendilynn: I really liked when Milch asked him exactly why did he want to brag about Nae il. Men only brag about “their women”. *chuckles*

Firnlambe: One of the few times that Milch rocked as an elder . . . but then any excuse to make Yoo Jin realize he's past the point of no return, is a plus in my book.

Cici: Oh my goodness, I totally missed that, but you are absolutely right. Milch is SO trying to get Yoo Jin to recognize how he feels about Nae Il, and that it is already way beyond friendship. How much longer are we going to have to wait before he wakes up and expresses it?

Wendilynn: Well, when he was watching Nae il and Yoon Hoo talk about their duet, he contemplated on those feelings. Remembering that Milch told him he needed to waste no time telling Nae Il how he feels before someone else takes her.

Cici: It didn't hurt that he overheard Mini Min Hee and the boys discussing how Nae Il seems more like a woman, now, either. Min Hee hit the nail right on the head. Women respond according to the way they are treated.

But that last scene, where he makes a sincere apology, just made me love Yoo Jin even more. He really was listening to her! And I think the way she distanced herself from him for a while made him realize just how much he misses her when she's not there. Now he knows how important she is to him, and may even be trying to tell her! Swoon.


Cici: That apology was the turning point. Once Nae Il regained her trust in Yoo Jin, she was able to defend him to the others and break the boycott. I was so relieved (read overjoyed, fist-pumping, doing a little victory dance, etc) when Rak was the first one to gather enough courage to participate in the audition. When his silhouette came up on stage, all I could think of was Tevye referring to their lives as precarious as “a fiddler on the roof.” The same could be said for the members of ‘S’ orchestra. Fighting!


Well, Music Majors, what was your reaction to this lesson? Did you cringe at the misunderstandings Yoo Jin endured in order to give ‘S’ Orchestra a chance? Did you cheer as Yoo Jin finally found the words to apologize to Nae Il? Which characters touched your heart, and who are you rooting for in the next episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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