Welcome back readers . . . our wonderful cast of characters certainly have a lot to deal with. We’ve got everything from sneaky conspiracies, to brotherly love . . hate . . no, love . . . anyways--You'll have to forgive Aunnie she's gonna take a pass this episode, as she is in the process of moving. So instead join Taleena, Wendilynn and myself as we discuss this action packed episode.

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Wendilynn: Packed it certain was. I wasn’t really expecting Gwanghae’s wedding right away. The shock on his face when he realized that herb girl was now his wife, and the regret that filled him with, was interesting. I was surprised he was so upfront with her.

Firnlambe: That’s what I like about Prince Master’s Sun . . . usually (granted not always //side glances the first 4 episodes//) he’s very upfront about where he stands. And now that I think about it, I’m really glad they got that whole wedding out of the way ASAP. I was not going to like having that dragged out any further.

Wendilynn: But now we’ll have him mooning for a woman who is not only NOT his wife, but will probably be back under the King’s umbrella here soon.

Taleena: We knew this would be the case Wendilynn - that whole “two kings” prophesy (Side Note - Thanks Old Mountain Oracle Dude for rubbing that salt in the wound). I completely agree with you Firnlambe about not dragging the wedding out.

Firnlambe: In regards to the whole “Two Kings” bit . . . I’m honestly surprised Mr. King took so long in realizing who she was. Particularly since she’s the “one woman who’s face matches yours perfectly”. I would have committed her face to memory, for instant recognition.

Wendilynn: He never actually saw her more than once or twice at most and then not for long. Because of her parent’s situation, he really was eager to get rid of her.

Taleena: So many concubines, so little face time. (See what I did there, huh? huh?) Still I concur that as 1) the girl that makes your face balance to the Sage King, 2) that you were searching for four years, 3) whose father created a secret society to depose you, and 4) sent your favorite son spiraling into a rebellious funk for 2 years - you’d remember her.

Firnlambe: I suppose to his credit, daddy King didn’t know about Gwanghae’s love for her . . . or if he did he was exceptionally good at playing dumb about it.

Taleena: But Prince Master’s Sun went to bat for her and did the whole crying on his knees thing.

Firnlambe: Yes, but did he ever tell Dad that he loved her? I know he told Eunuch Song that he loved her, but I don’t recall him confessing his love to the King during those sessions.

Taleena: Mom? I mean, Wendilynn?

Wendilynn: Yup, only Eunuch Song knows. I believe the King knows they were childhood friends . . . . maybe. But that would be the extent of what he knows.

Taleena: Dang it!

Firnlambe: VICTORY!!!

Taleena: So, Psycho is living up to his nickname . . .

Firnlambe: Urrrg . . . boy just needs to be slapped. His logic is so twisted and flawed.

Taleena: What logic? His cunning is just fine though.

Wendilynn: Psycho is being very consistent isn’t he? He’s jealous and that’s clouding his judgement with the game being equality in society. However, he mentioned about playing enemies against each other. He is manipulating the ultimate enemy by pretending to be on her side.

Firnlambe: Don’t get me started on playing the enemies against each other . . . that would have been fine, I could have handled it like a champ. Then he went and tried to “kill” Imhae while claiming it was for Gwanghae. If I could ever have a moment to just reach through space and time, that would have been it.

Taleena: Look, I have bracing myself for Beefy McHotstuff’s inevitable betrayal, but I was SO angry at the pretend assassination attempt on him, and the Prince M.S.’s inability to articulate why he is not vociferously supporting Imhae’s bid to be Crown Prince.

Wendilynn: Yeah, that assassination attempt was low, but expected. It certainly set things in motion to get nasty. Especially knowing how much Gwanghae loves his brother. Its just heart wrenching for me to see him have to choose to fight Imhae because he cannot trust anyone else to be a good king.

Firnlambe: Agreed on all fronts . . . though, I will admit--I am really looking forward to seeing more stunt action from So In Guk.

Taleena: Speaking of B.McH, were you at all laughing a bit at his whole “lone wolf” speech? I must admit I started picturing him in a “3 Wolf Moon” Tee shirt and posing in a cheesy romance novel cover pose. He was totally picturing his own hair (and beaded king hat) blowing in the wind with that speech. (Photoshoppers - I need that picture STAT!)

Wendilynn: *falls over laughing hysterically* oh my gosh, that’s so good.

Firnlambe: I would offer to Photoshop that for you . . . but I’m afraid of the results.

Wendilynn: Did you notice there were four sons?

Firnlambe: I did notice that . . . . and I was confused . . . but I didn’t want to be the first one to say anything lol.

Wendilynn: I don’t think anything I’ve read up to this point said there were four boys. (and who knows how many daughters). But I did find the answers to the question of What is a King to be illuminating. I would really love to have mr. exposition sit inside the King’s head and let us know what he is thinking. I thought in the last episode that he wasn’t quick, but I’ve changed that now. I think he is more savvy than we’ve given him credit for.

Firnlambe: Mr. Exposition being . . . nasty concubines son?

Wendilynn: I don’t particular care who does it . . . I just want to know what is running through his head. I think the only person in on it is Eunuch Song.

Taleena: Yeah, Eunuch Song is the one who is the King’s confidant, after all, they are hanging out in the Joseon version of a soju tent (Oh how I wish there had been some orange curtains or canopy overhead). Yeah, we never heard the fourth little squirt talk about what being a King is all about. Can we assume if any of them said “a flower on a cliff” they would have been crowned right away?

Taleena: Was I the only one who liked the whole “I pour hot wine on your hands” scene? Booya!

Wendilynn: Oh, the “no one should accept an overflowing cup” scene? I thought that was beautiful. Talk about putting that jerk in his place.

Taleena: King Gu Family Book has a way with metaphor.

Firnlambe: Agreed. It’s scenes like that, that make me feel confused on if I should hate King Gu Family Book or not.

Taleena: I suppose the answer to that is whether you are liking Psycho a lot, or find the Yahtzee society frustrating. They have laudable goals, but OY!

Wendilynn: Psycho sure did put Greedy Concubine in his pocket by giving her the bribe back and making sure she couldn’t be blamed for killing the doctor.

Firnlambe: That poor Doctor . . . I’m curious which handmaid was the killer, or if he actually took his own life.

Taleena: I thought it was that one minion that is always hanging around Greedy Concubine.

Wendilynn: I’m sure she had help. Women in general can’t lift a dead body up into the air by rope.

Taleena: Certainly not those tiny, Korean women that are size negative one.

Firnlambe: Hey . . she could be the Joseon equivalent to Wonder Woman, you never know . . .

Wendilynn: LOL!! Well we have face reading by ear, so why not? That just leaves us wondering what Gwanghae is going to do now that he’s surrounded by swords.

Taleena: Teddy Bear Eunuch to the rescue? I can picture them fighting off Imhae’s men together while Gwanghae gasps out his hurt feelings to Beefy McHotstuff. I would say that Ga Hee would save him - except that I am REALLY tired of seeing tears tremble on her eyelashes as she knocks an arrow in Gwanghae’s general direction.

Firnlambe: I’m ok with having our Teddy Bear turn into a Grizzly Bear in order to defend his cub . . . I mean Prince.

Wendilynn: I would like to see Gwanghae get through an episode without tears, frankly.

Taleena: Yes, to the power of 1000. I like a good weepy, but the mains have to really earn it. Ga Hee is not earning it yet.

So it seems like the question on everyone's mind come next episode is . . . Will Teddy Bear realize his cub is in peril? or will our Lone Wolf be able to get a few hits in? . . . . . hmmm--I suppose we should also be concerned about Psycho slipping more and more into his twisted dark course of destiny . . oh! and we can't forget our dear Ga Hee. Does she finally become the King's woman? //sigh// so many plot points to follow. Stick around for episode 11 to find out.

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