Our hearts beat with Nae ll this week. It's competition time on the 13th episode of Tomorrow’s Cantabile, and we had no idea if Nae ll would be able to overcome the trauma imposed on her by her first teacher. Would she find a way to shine amidst all the rules of a competition? Join Cici, Firnlambe, and I as we talk about Nae ll’s first performances in this competition.

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Cici: I feel like I’m being torn between love for Nae Il’s courage and determination and love for Yoo Jin’s understanding and support. So many...don’t look, Wendilynn...FEELS!


Cici: And then there’s Yoon Hoo, who really doesn’t have a clue about what makes Nae Il click.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie, as much as I am TOTALLY on board the S.S. Naejin . . . that scene where Yoon Hoo tried to put his scarf around Nae Il was so bittersweet.


Cici: At least she has never led him on. He’s just determined in spite of her protests.

Wendilynn: As much as I love Yoon Hoo, he does view Nae ll as a possession and not a person. This is the big difference between Yoo Jin’s love and Yoon Hoos’. Yoo Jin, of course, has already gone through the lesson of learning that Nae ll is not a possession that he can make decisions for.

Cici: Did anyone else cringe a little when Yoon Hoo referred to her as “his treasure”? Talk about unconsciously objectifying someone. I squeed a little when Yoo Jin set him straight.


Firnlambe: I totally was having a not-so-mini, mini squee fest this entire episode.

Wendilynn: I don’t mind him calling her “his treasure” because to him, she is. She helped him love music again instead of viewing it as an abusive master that was destroying his hand. I knew he was the one who brought Ms. Masterclass to the show, and I was happy to see she changed her mind about Nae ll.

Cici: I was really upset at first when I realized Yoon Hoo was responsible for her showing up. But as the episode progressed and her attitude changed, I was really glad he did it. Maybe it was more of an expression of his faith in Nae Il rather than his misunderstanding of her, the way I originally supposed.


Firnlambe: Agreed . . . . she has henceforth lost her title as top bitchface. That award now belongs to Nae Il’s past teacher. Who I LOATHE with a fiery passion. Seriously, the way she went out of her way to mess with Nae Il’s mind was so low. Mainly because you know she only did it because she knew Nae Il had the potential to win.

Cici: I’m not so sure. She seems completely positive that her student will win the competition. But I wouldn’t put it past her to be messing with Nae Il’s mind just as a sort of demented revenge for not being the one to bring her that far.

Wendilynn: Competitions are also head games. If you can spook your opponent, you have a good chance of winning. And as she IS her former teacher, she knows how amazing Nae ll could potentially be. After all, she knew Nae ll before she caused her to have the PTSD.

Firnlambe: That’s why it's so much more evil. It’s not like she’s some random face from Nae Il’s past . . . she’s the bearer of all doom.

Cici: What a contrast she was to Professor Do. I really love him now. If the entire fart song...sorry, flatulence song... scene from the last episode hadn't been enough to convince me that he’s a good guy, this episode would have clinched it.


Wendilynn: I really like how Lee Byung Joon is playing this role. He is clearly enjoying it and I’m enjoying seeing him play a character that is more than just the normal bad guy roles he usually plays.

Cici: Same can be said for Rak’s dad. He has been consistently lovable in this drama.

Firnlambe: So true!! He’s my favorite from the “adults” character list.

Wendilynn: I will never be able to look at him play another gangster the same way again. lol

Cici: And speaking of Rak, how cute was he with Si Won? That finger kiss--I swooned a little bit when he did that. And Si Won didn’t even see it, lol.

Cici: Honestly, there are NO characters in this drama that I don’t love (first teacher excepted)

Firnlambe: I love the characters too . . . but I’d be lying if I didn't say a little part of me still wishes my personal casting session for a few of the character had come true.

Wendilynn: I don’t know if Henry would have had quite the same charm that Go Kyung Po has in this role. And that finger kiss was adorable. Considering how reserved this drama is about kisses, that counts as a rather passionate one. lol

Firnlambe: Actually I’m ok with the Rak casting now . . . it’s our timpanist that I still wish was played by Kwang Hee. I’m super glad Rak and Si Won are progressing. Though I have a sad sense of foreboding that Si Won is going to break poor Rak’s heart here soon.


Wendilynn: Hmmmm… keeping my mouth shut on that one so no spoilers are released… I will say that I’m sad they have not used our Timpanist to his full potential. I really enjoyed the wild protectiveness of the J version. And I was sort of hoping to see him used that way here. But they just made him have a small crush and be Mini Min Hee’s BFF.

Cici: It makes me wonder if that’s because of the difference in how homosexuality is viewed in Korea. Although as Mini Min Hee’s bestie, he is completely adorable. I must say that I am still rooting for a Yoon Hoo/Mini Min Hee alliance, though. Such a yenta I am.

Firnlambe: I don’t know about you . . . your communication relay to the Korean writers association requesting a duet really fell through. You’re not sporting such a good track record here.

Wendilynn: *snort*

Cici: Hey, it could still happen. I really had a moment of hope when Rak tried to get out of the solo. And the concert HASN’T HAPPENED yet. Don’t you think that might be because the writers saw our post and are rushing to make the necessary adjustments???


Firnlambe: Well you've got a chance yet . . . Ravi-bot may have only just gotten the message since he was flying to the states, and probably couldn’t receive your message.

Wendilynn: Then why didn’t you deliver it personally, Firnlambe? You were at said concert. *snicker* (tries to control the raging jealousy)

Firnlambe: I TRIED OK!!!! //sniff sniff// Honest I did . . . It’s just that the stupid security stopped me before I could get close enough to send the message.

Cici: My faith in Ravi-bot remains strong.

Wendilynn: Well lets hope the faith our friends have placed in Nae ll will help her turn her butt around and play her song for the final round. I’m so glad Yoo Jin was there to slow her down.

Cici: So I’m wondering if subconsciously she will make a mistake, or just run out, so she doesn't have to go to Europe without Yoo Jin. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is on their way to Europe without him?

Firnlambe: I really really hope Yoo Jin just instinctively pulls Nae Il in for a good solid hug. He knows simply holding her hand helps to calm her hand . . so logically, a full frontal hug will blow all the worries away.

Wendilynn: She’s in full panic mode.. maybe a solid kiss will be needed? Maybe?


Firnlambe: Yes please!!!

Cici: I can only hope! I am getting a little frustrated at how long this relationship is taking to progress beyond the friend stage, at least physically.

Wendilynn: This relationship left the friend stage long ago.. But she hasn’t been ready for a solid makeout and we all know it. She’s only now growing up.

Firnlambe: It is getting a little frustrating, but I agree that the S.S.Naejin left friendly waters a loooong time ago.

Cici: See, I’m having trouble seeing her progress much at all, at least on that front. It looks like Yoo Jin is far more ready to take it to the next level than she is. And we’re running out of episodes! *Sigh*

Nae ll has passed the first two rounds of the competition but has been terrified by a run in by her first, disasterous, teacher.  Will Yoo Jin be able to help pull Nae ll out of the panic she's in so she can past the final round?   And just why is winning the competition such a priority to her?  And will ll Rak have the confidence to keep his soloist spot in Rising Star?  Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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