Last week's stunning fall from the top has been reversed. Heirs triumphs again as it climbs back to #1, but Rommmate is keeping #2 solidly in its grip. Another show has been on our Top 10 list forever and is now making history by getting a Chinese version made in China. And of course, our favorite doctors are all in, surrounded by stars, flower boys and lots of love! Find out the rest of the surprises here!

Angst is back in Angel Eyes. I'm hoping for a happy ending. Our favorite Dr. McDimples simply deserves a happy ending with Soo Wan after all the years of loneliness and waiting that they both endured. To get your mind off the sadness, play the soothing melody of Run To You while you enjoy some hot chocolate (abs)!

Puff Guo (Guo Xue Fu) must be the happiest girl right now as she is simultaneously pursued by her own 'husband' and a cute chef, and both shows are on the Top 10 list. In the meantime, her previous co-star, Aaron Yan is having an unusual romantic adventure in Fall In Love With Me.

We have some fantastic recap articles. Check out this one for You Are All Surrounded. Even if you haven't watched the show, the recap is hilarious to read!

I must admit I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw last week's list. So let's see if this week's Top 10 has any shockers:

1. Heirs

2. Roommate

3. Running Man

4. Angel Eyes

5. My Love From Another Star

6. We Got Married, Global Edition Season 2

7. Emergency Couple

8. Doctor Stranger

9. You Are All Surrounded and Boys Over Flowers (tied)

10. Love Myself or You and Fall In Love With Me (tied)

No, I don't think there are any earth-shaking shockers. In a way, I'm glad Heirs and Boys Over Flowers are back, because Lee Min Ho is still undeniably the prince of romance, even though all I can think of for the moment is Lee Sang Yoon and his wonderful smile.

By the way, I mentioned the theme of twins in last week's Weekly Top 10. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered a brand new DramaFever show under the Latino category called The Clone which has twins and unrequited love under disparate cultures.

Wishing you all another wonderful week of drama watching!

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