fireworks_wpToday we uploaded all 17 episodes of  Fireworks, a warm-hearted and highly entertaining romantic drama about the (mis)adventures of four young people. Han Chae Young, star of 2005 uber-hit Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang and most recently seen as Ji-hoo's icily beautiful first love in Boys Before Flowers (also available on DramaFever), brings a quirky charm to her role as Shin Na Ra, a 30-year old unemployed woman who just can't seem to catch a break.

On the eve of their 7th anniversary, Na Ra's boyfriend returns from a business trip and proposes to her, but halfway through their romantic evening he confesses that he has cheated with another woman and that he's no longer sure that he loves her. Furious, Na Ra breaks up with him and goes out and gets wildly drunk. When she drops her engagement ring in a glass of soju, In Jae, the coach of a boys' soccer team, accidentally swallows it, and their lives collide in a less than amicable way. Soon after, Na Ra goes in search of revenge taking a job at the company of her ex-boyfriend's new woman in an effort to make things as uncomfortable for him as possible. What she doesn't realize, however, is that In Jae's mother is a senior executive of the company, and that In Jae and her rival in love, Mi Rae (Park Eun-Hye) are old friends. When In Jae's mother forces him to come work for the company, he and Na Ra are put on the same team, and sparks of a different kind than anger begin to fly. But In Jae also has feelings for Mi Rae, and soon, the four people – Na Ra, In Jae, Na Ra's ex and Mi Rae – find themselves entangled in a love quadrangle. In this witty romantic drama, revenge is a dish best served warm and romantic fireworks are going off everywhere you look. Enjoy! Watch Fireworks now!