After the conclusion of Descendants of the Sun, KBS has a new melodrama adapted from a comic book lined up. Master: God of Noodles combines noodle-making with revenge, and is based on a manhwa about an unconventional hero who uses his knife not only to cook up amazing dishes, but also to right some wrongs. Starring talented actors Chun Jung Myung, Jung Yoo MiJo Jae HyunGong Seung YeonLee Sang YeobKim Jae Young  and Baro, this is a drama you won't want to miss! Take a look! 


A plan for revenge almost a lifetime in the making, one man starts from nothing and uses the power of his knife not only to make the best noodles, but also to right some wrongs.


Doesn't the teaser have a cool superhero feel to it? 


Chun Jung Myung plays our hero, who loses everything when his identity is stolen from him and he is forced into an orphanage at a young age. 

He vows to take revenge on the culprit, and also to become a master of noodle-making. 

Jo Jae Hyun plays the hardened criminal who stole his identity for himself, and is also his competition in the noodles department. 

Baro plays the younger version of Jo Jae Hyun in flashbacks that explain his past and how he turned into the villainous character he is. 

Lee Sang Yeob plays a friend who gets caught up in Chun Jung Myung's revenge plot. 

Kim Jae Young plays another friend who is also constantly in trouble with the sordid type. 

Jung Yoo Mi plays a woman who is hard on the outside from experiencing a rough adolescence, but has a soft heart on the inside. 

It appears that the four have been friends since their high school days.

Gong Seung Yeon plays the feisty second female lead.

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Looks like this will be a unique drama with an amazing cast! Master: God of Noodles will premiere on DramaFever on April 28.

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Master: God of Noodles

Starring Chun Jung Myung and Gong Seung Yeon

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