Second male lead syndrome. It’s a legitimate issue that many Kdrama viewers face on a regular basis. After watching a nice guy take care of the female lead only to have her run off with his rude best friend/mortal enemy/older brother, it’s only natural that viewers would feel a little heartbroken in his behalf. It’s even worse if he doesn’t even get a consolation prize and ends up forever alone! (Waaaaaah!) In order to combat second lead syndrome, I sometimes like to play flower boy matchmaker in my mind and pair these guys up with eligible bachelorettes from other dramas. I know what you’re thinking: You’ll volunteer to comfort these guys! Well, in case you can’t handle dating ALL of them, here are just a few of my favorite second male leads with their new love matches:

SPOILER ALERT: Obviously, if you don’t want to know what happens in these dramas, stop reading now!

1.Ji Hoo (Boys over Flowers) and Princess Hye Myung (Goong)

Ji Hoo is the obvious first choice when it comes to second male lead syndrome. Even if you shipped Jun Pyo/Jan Di, you would have to be a monster not to feel a little bit sad for this sweet orphan and his sad violin. At first, I wanted to pair him with someone sweet and quiet like him, but then I realized that the spark in Jan Di really drew him out of his shell and helped him live his life. Hye Myung has that same kind of spunk with a sweet side as well. Oh, and bonus: she’s also the queen of Korea. With his presidential heritage, Ji Hoo would be a perfectly suitable match for her, and she could help heal some of his wounds. Plus, they kind of have matching hairstyles.

2.Oh Jin Rok (Flower Boy Next Door) and Ha Jae Kyung (Boys over Flowers)

From what I could tell, the major reason why Jin Rok didn’t get the girl was his shyness. In regular life, he was outgoing and sarcastic, but his style of love was passive instead of bold. Patiently drawing post-it notes every single day for years should be enough to make any girl’s heart melt, but Go Dok Mi was a special case who needed a match who could force her out of her comfort zone. That’s why I think Ha Jae Kyung would be an ideal match. She’s also thoughtful and kind, but she isn’t afraid to make the first move. Once that initial pressure was off, Jin Rok would treat her like a queen, and Jae Kyung would force him into new adventures as they both pretended not to come from rich families. Win-win! Plus, she was so awesome that it was kind of a travesty to leave her alone at the end of Boys over Flowers. During the show, I hoped she would swoop in on Ji Hoo, but since the sparks didn’t fly, she deserves someone new!

3.Jeremy (You’re Beautiful) and Ha Hyo Eun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Hear me out on this one. I know that Jeremy is a favorite male lead for a lot of people, and Hyo Eun could sometimes be annoying, but it was mostly just immaturity and family pressure on her part. She had a fun, outgoing personality and learned to tone down the brattiness by the end of the show. If she somehow built a time machine and came to the future, can’t you imagine how much fun she and Jeremy would have together? I can see them wearing cutesy couple’s outfits and taking adorable photos together.

4.Shin Woo (You’re Beautiful) and Baek Hee (Dream High)

Of course I can’t give Jeremy a match and leave shin Woo in the dust! Baek Hee went a little crazy with power for a while there, but on the inside, she’s still that shy, sweet girl from the beginning of the show. I think part of what drew Shin Woo to Go Mi Nyu so strongly was his desire to protect her and take care of her. Baek Hee seems like she would really blossom under that kind of care. Plus, they both know what it’s like to work with the crazy anti-fans in showbiz, so that’s one hurdle out of the way!

5.Master (Dating Agency: Cyrano) and Yoo Jung In (Vampire Prosecutor)

I know, I know. She’s already got her eye on everyone’s favorite bloodsucking prosecutor. But you know what? Until they start filming season 3 of this thing (hint, hint), I say Yoo Jung In is too fantastic to be put on hold! Master has a lot of the qualities she admires in Min Tae Yeon. He’s handsome, he’s mysterious, he knows how to beat people up, and he still manages to be kind. She is upbeat, determined, and sarcastic just like Gong Min Young. Oh, and they both have mob backgrounds, so that’s another point in the compatibility column.

Which second male leads do you want to save from loneliness? Who would you choose as their love matches? Comment below!

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