On November 28, another young idol ties the knot! Following former Wonder Girls member Sunye's fairy-tale wedding in 2013, Shin Dong Ho plans to be the next second-generation idol to start a family in his early twenties. Wedding planning agency iWedding made the grand announcement to the media today.

"The groom and bride started preparing for their wedding about 3 months ago. [They] are slowly preparing for their wedding. We're going to release details about the wedding as well as their wedding pictorial soon."

Dong Ho, who is 21 years old, is currently a DJ. He parted ways with U-KISS in 2013 and halted his acting career indefinitely. His agency didn't know about his plans to wed, but they congratulated the happy couple nonetheless. During a recent interview with Daily Sports, Dong Ho discussed his desire for matrimony: “I want to get married soon since I’ve met the right person.I have always wanted to get married sooner than later, and I truly love my bride," he gushed.

“My parents told me that it isn’t ideal to have reports after reports about my marriage blazing through the media, so I won’t be giving out much details through mere cover reports. I’ve been seeing my girlfriend for about a year and a half. It’s true that we’re both pretty young. However, I’ve wanted to marry early since I was young, and I’ve always brought it up too. Surprisingly, my girlfriend has been thinking the same way as well.”

The "Neverland" singer added, "I’ve even thought about getting married earlier. However, my parents advised against it. They wanted me to get to know her for a little longer, and now I think we are ready... I think our love is pretty evident if we’ve determined marriage at such a young age."

Congratulations to he and his bride-to-be! It is very surprising that he is starting his family so soon, but it's great that the former K-pop idol is finding happiness in real life.

What do you think about Dong Ho's wedding announcement?

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