Longevity in the entertainment industry is what can set apart true stars from those who shine for a while and then fizzle out. For the ladies of girl group Girls' Generation, it's been 10 years since they broke out on the scene, and they commemorated their success with a photo shoot and interviews for one of Korea's top fashion magazines.

W Korea is one of the countries premier fashion and style magazines, and the August issue is a must-have for fans of Girls' Generation. Having come together exactly 10 years ago, the eclectic group has become synonymous with K-pop, with legions of fans all over the world. To celebrate this milestone, the members all got together for a stunning photo shoot for W, with each girl getting their photos taken individually, along with an interview to reflect on their personal and group experiences since getting together. 

As expected, the girls are still tight as ever. When discussing her feelings about the group, Tiffany said, "It’s an honor that only comes once in a lifetime. It’s destiny. I love Girls’ Generation so much that if I was born again I’d want to be a member of this group again." But to feel this way, the girls have had to make efforts along the way. "We’ve maintained a good relationship for 10 years by always being careful, said Yuri. "We’re more careful now in some ways than we were 10 years ago. The members and Girls’ Generation are precious to me so we try to hold ourselves above things. When negative things happen, I think that’s the easiest way to be easygoing and get along. We’ve come to a time when we can act like a family and cherish each other.” 

10 years together is special for any relationship, and especially so in the crazy world of entertainment. Congratulations to all the ladies of Girls' Generation, and the best of luck for the next 10 years and beyond!


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